Gucci Watches, Sleek and Stylish

So often trying to pick out a beautiful watch that looks good and is well designed but also has an air of originality to it leads to overly flashy designs, unpractical and encrusted with too much bling for the human eye to handle. Luckily many watch designers and brands have noticed this trend and have gone in the opposite direction. They make sure to incorporate some subtle precious stones and some fancy design in a way that does not overwhelm.

Gucci watches have become somewhat expert at this balancing act, finding fresh designs that never look to distract from the simplicity of a watch in general. The Gucci 117 Horsebit Women’s Watch¬†pictured here is a great example. It’s sleek black color and plain face make it look subtle and refined. It’s diamond adorned framing remind the wearer of it’s implicate value. The whole piece is tied together beautifully by a snake leather strap that wears comfortably.

The watch is currently being offered at a steep 30% discount, great for gift buying for the holiday season. There are plenty of other Gucci watches to choose from as well, for men and women. It is the sort of purchase no one could regret.