You Can Become a “Morning Person”


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Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Like you’ve been running non-stop from morning ‘till night but still couldn’t accomplish your to-do list? What if we told you there IS a way to attain  more usable, productive hours every day? Sounds incredible, right? But be warned: you may not like the answer.

Most of us do not identify as a “morning person”. Sure, we’ll wake up early enough to brush our teeth, get dressed, and run out to work, but we’ll keep hitting that snooze button as long as we’re responsibly able to. Waking up early is an incredible way to create more YOU time for your schedule. Think about it: if you were given 1-2 extra hours every day, what would you do with that time? Binge watch another season on Netflix? Doubtful. You’d spend more time with the kids, exercise, eat a healthful meal, read a newspaper, meditate…the list goes on and on.

YOU have the power to create that time! But tacking on hours at the start of your day, you can finally do all the things you used to dismiss as luxuries. You CAN train your body to wake up earlier by following these 5 simple steps. Remember: simple doesn’t mean EASY. It’ll probably take about 2 weeks to get into the early-rising rhythm, but once you do, you can’t go back!

1: Take it Slow. On Day 1, wake up 15 minutes earlier. Day 3, 20 minutes. Day 5, a half hour. Do this as gradually as you need to by cutting back about 5 minutes at a time until you reach your goal wake-up time.

2: Get to Sleep Earlier! This may sound counter intuitive: I want to CREATE time, not LOSE it! But as you’ll soon see, early morning hours are usually far more productive than evening hours. Let’s be honest: that time is usually spent watching on your tablet or lazily swiping on your phone. Once you know you’ve woken up early just to utilize this time, you’ll be more motivated to fill those hours with productive activities.

3: Put your Alarm Clock Far from your Bed: If it isn’t at arm’s reach, you can’t snooze it. Simple as that.

4: Wake Up as soon as your Alarm Rings: DON’T rationalize. DON’T let your head fall back on the pillow. Jump up, wash your face, and get your morning going!

5: Reward yourself for Waking up Early. Buy a special coffee brew to sip exclusively on early mornings. Set aside a book you can only read before 8 AM. Make a large breakfast and watch the sunrise while you eat.

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Taking advantage of the early morning hours will transform your entire day. You’ll feel more relaxed, accomplished, and motivated throughout the rest of your day. By training yourself gradually to rise earlier, it’ll soon become second nature. CONGRATS! You now have the bragging rights to call yourself a morning person. We have the perfect gift to treat yourself with: a discount luxury watch to keep track of all the hours you now have at your disposal!

Are you a morning person or a night owl? What other tips to become an early riser  can you share? Let us know in the comments below!