Powered By the Sun: Are Solar Watches the Future?

41392817 - cropped shot of woman running and checking her sports watchWe all have a small part to play in the overall health of our planet. We can’t all advocate in Alaska, protest deforestation, and boycott gas companies, but we can make small changes that do have a ripple effect on the overall health of our home planet. Looking to make a small change with big implications? Look no further than your wrist.

Climate change aside, toxic materials being dumped in landfills and oceans, such as old computers, batteries, oils, and plastics, are universally recognized as harmful to wildlife, our atmosphere, and the earth itself. So what did Seiko, the internationally admired watch company, create to help alleviate the side-effects of this global epidemic? Enter the solar-powered watch.

Seiko was pretty ahead of its time when it debuted their invention in 1977. Back then, climate change and environmental issues were just beginning to gain widespread acknowledgment. Seiko introduced the Solar Watch as a unique machine that powered itself through the raw power of the sun, instead of utilizing  a hazardous material-filled battery.

The mechanics of the watch are simple: the face of the watch hides a mini solar panel that absorbs and stores light energy that’s used to power the watch. Never fear rainy days: most watches can hold up to six months charge until exposed to sunlight again.

Solar watches vary in pricing, styles, and brand, but our favorite discount luxury watch is the Seiko Core. This watch is inexpensive, but stylistically holds its own when compared to other luxury watch brands. The timepiece is light on the wrist, but packs a bold punch.

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So are you ready to make the switch to a low-maintenance, eco-friendly timepiece? Make a small change for the future of your planet today. Then go take a jog and recharge yours-and your watches-batteries in the early morning sun.

Do you want to make the switch to a solar watch? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

See Creationwatches.com for some more info!