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Watches and Beyond Presents: A Case for the Wristwatch

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We’re only a few days away from 2017!

So much is about to change… new president, new movies, new technologies…we can’t wait to see what the year will bring!

As we move further into this digital age, we couldn’t help but wonder: what with all these new developments, would people still cherish the “Good Ol Days?” Will they still wax nostalgic about gathering ‘round the TV to watch “Full House” when its sequel, “Fuller House”, is available to stream from the machine in your pocket, just 10 years later?

And then, of course, we thought about our magnificent watches.

Would our customers still marvel over an expertly crafted bezel? Gasp in delight at the bold, strong face of a Raymond Weil watch? Lovingly cherish a Patek Philippe for the next generation when they can just as easily glance at their phone for the admittedly easier-to-read analog time?

And then we unanimously decided: Yes. Yes they will.

Timepieces are more than just a simple convenience. They are an embellishment, a statement, the gentleman’s accessory. They allow us to indulge in the simple joy of owning something magnificent, tangible, and all our own. To many, timepieces are as essential as shoes and socks, and you’ll never catch them without a sparkling Longines or Ulysse Nardin gold watch, because they enjoy the simple pleasure of that telltale glimmer on their wrist.

And those are who we’re proud to serve. The men and women who fully appreciate the delicate craftsmanship, the thoughtful design, the mysterious mechanics that lie within each of our timepieces. In other words, you.  18801830 - businessman checking time on his watch

So we’re only a few days away from 2017! And we know it’s going to be a great year. Because we’ll make it one.

Happy New Year from Watches and Beyond.


Happy Holidays! Here’s A Gift For Your Whole List

With Watches and Beyond, it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! Our holiday sales on discount luxury watches need to be seen to be believed. When in doubt, a classy watch is always a perfect gift. Couple our awesome deals with incredibly fast, 24-hour shipping, and you’ve got a holiday deal worth caroling about!

We’ve also taken the liberty of simplifying your holiday shopping even FURTHER with a cultivated list of the perfect gift for everyone on your list. It’s our holiday gift to you!

So feast your eyes on the merriest deals, most joyful selections, and festive offerings of the season with our Holiday Gift Guide:

For the real classy gent in your life, the Longines Conquest Classic Chronograph.

For man longinge








For the timelessly elegant queen of style, the Rado Sintra Jubile

for women rado








For the strapping young lad who has got it all, the Limited Edition Fortis B-42 Black Mars.

for son fortis








For your teenage daughter who is, like, literally the hardest to please, the Swiss Army Classic Alliance Sport.

for daughter victorinox








For your boss, who already owns a Breitling (or two or three), a thoughtful, practical Montegrappa Micra Pen.

for boss pen








For your best bud, who never had typical taste anyway, the Welder by UBoat K32 Oversize Triple Time Zone.

for friend welder








For stocking stuffers, random relatives, or anyone really, because who’s going to say no to a Chopard Classic Racing Gold Plated Luxury Mechanical Pencil?

for misc. mechanical pencil








Thanks for welcoming us into your holiday!  We can’t wait to show you what 2017 has in store…

Happy Holidays from Watches and Beyond!

Which of these magical offerings just made it onto your list?


Our Top 10 Iconic Watch Ambassadors

63762721 - russia - october 11, 2016: the beatles logoThere’s some buzz in the horology world… Gucci has just asked Florence Welch, the 30-year-old English lead singer of “Florence and the Machine” to sponsor their watches. Some eyebrows have been raised over the unorthodox choice…what propelled the luxury brand to feature Florence as the face of their company?

According to Alessandro Michele, creative director at Gucci, her music “in many ways evokes the spirit of Gucci”. Florence is now the official Muse of the Italian company, and with that power comes one great responsibility: to wear their brand as often as possible, and look amazing doing it.

Here are some other famous watch brand – celebrity collaborations that have become as iconic as the watch designs themselves:

Kate Winslet for Longines

David Beckham for Breitling

Amanda Seyfried for Movado

Gwyneth Paltrow for Frederique Constant

Don Johnson for Ebel

Elle Fanning for Tiffany and Co.

Lebron James for Audemars Piguet

Charlize Theron for Christian Dior

Sir Richard Branson for Bulova

Katy Perry for Ice-Watch

The Beatles for Raymond Weil

That last one surprise you? Despite the fact that no Beatle was ever (or will ever be) seen wearing a Raymond Weil, the brand has announced a Maestro inspired by the hit band that rocked your parent’s prom night. This exclusive watch features the Beatles logo at 3 o’clock and the band’s thirteen album titles engraved around the bespoke dial. Every Maestro Beatles timepiece issued will also feature an engraved limited edition number.

You don’t have to be an A-List celebrity to enjoy these iconic watch brand superstars. Check out our collection of discount luxury watches, available right now on our site!  

Thinking about buying a Raymond Weil Maestro Beatles? Which of these brand ambassadors is your style icon? Let us know in the comments below.


Want to Start a Watch Collection?


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Watch collecting has long been regarded as a hobby for the rich and famous-exclusively. Many of us believe that due to the high price point of collector-worthy watches, this pastime is one we’ll have to enjoy from afar. But we’re here to tell you that this is NOT the case. Anyone can gain the illustrious title of a true watch connoisseur. By purchasing the right timepieces to suit your taste and budget, you can slowly begin to amass a collection of truly memorable watches that serve as both a pleasurable hobby and investment!

Again, the key to curating your collection is to choose your timepieces wisely. Do plenty of research before purchasing ANY watch- the includes vintage timepieces from online marketplaces, as well as new timepieces straight from the manufacturer. The three most important criteria are: does it suit my taste? Does it fit my budgetary limitations? Will this watch still excite me 10 years from now?

Some say that unless your spending upwards of $5,000, your watch will not be investment-grade. This is not strictly true: if you do your research, you’ll find that many timepieces, such as this Longines Chronograph, are way below that price point and still qualify as investment grade! By looking into each timepiece individually, you’ll begin to discover that many of these pieces can fit the bill of what you’re looking for.  Doing all this homework before purchasing should be easy for you- after all, only true horologists would put in the effort to curate the perfect collection!

Let’s say you’d like to start out small, with about a $500 price range. Try a Raymond Weil Tradition, a classy piece that will never go out of style. If you’re looking for something bolder, how about the Philip Stein Harmony? While these pieces are modestly priced, they’re a great springboard for what’s to come. Another great option to look into are vintage watches. They’re unique, nostalgic, and a great talking point. You can browse discount luxury watches and vintage timepieces here.

Remember, curating your watch collection should be a challenging-but enjoyable-experience. Find the timepieces you just can’t let slip away, and begin amassing a collection that will bring a sense of pride and accomplishment to you with every glance at your wrist.

Top 5 Affordable Luxury Watches


46329630 - men's wrist watches

Never gaze wistfully at a  Raymond Weil ever again! You can have it all- beautifully crafted timepieces come in all ranges of styles, mechanics, and price ranges, so no matter your budget, there’s a luxury watch just waiting to make your wrist its new home. Want a watch to impress in the boardroom? We’ve got you covered. A casual, every day piece you can rock from the gym to the bar? Look no further.
Here are our top 5 most-affordable discount luxury watches.

Raymond Weil Tradition Stainless Steel

This Raymond Weil piece is the perfect power watch to boast while owning your next meeting. With the dramatic face, streamlined steel body, and a scratch-resistant crystal, we can easily picture this timepiece on the wrist of a true professional.

Lucien Piccard SS

If the Raymond Weil tradition is strictly business, this Lucien Piccard is all pleasure. This watch belongs at dinner parties, elegant events, and the golf club.

Hugo Boss Jet Quartz Chronograph TwoTone

The Two-Tone Chronograph’s  unique color and design elevate it to “stand-out status” in our book. This watch strikes a great balance: understated enough for the workplace, but bold enough to enjoy on a casual Sunday with the boys. Additionally, this watch is the most reasonably priced of the lot.

Longines Hydroconquest Chronograph

Longines watches are the ultimate in luxury, taste, and durability. This timepiece makes a bold style statement, while sporting features like water resistancy, a scratch-repelling crystal face, and a fierce, red aluminum uni-directional rotating bezel. This watch reaches into a higher price range than the rest, but as you know, it’s always worth it with Longines!

Gucci G-Class 5505 Two-Tone Stainless Steel

This timepiece exudes complexity while keeping it simple. The watch face in uncrowded, uncluttered, and streamlined. The two-toned steel body is majestic and masculine, making it the ideal watch to gift to mentors and role models. Treat yourself to one as well!

Browse our site for hundreds of great deals on luxury watches, including brands like Breitling, Movado, and Ulysse Nardin!

Our Top 10 Bestsellers

26991432 - box with luxury watch on wooden background





Now, now, don’t say we’re biased because of our Guilty Pleasures post! Our Top-Ten Best-selling watches list is based on hard, cold facts. These timepieces are simply the most eye-catching, classic, and in some cases, financially appealing of our curated collection. Some choices are obvious, like the Ulysse Nardin, while others, such as the Valentino, surprised even us here at Watches and Beyond. But that’s the beauty of classic timepieces: there’s a watch to suit every taste, style, and preference. So discover our Top Ten Bestsellers, then let us know which watch strikes your fancy-and which timepiece you’ve already added to your collection!- in the comments below!

1:Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Chronometer.

This one’s a no-brainer. With timeless design, renowned durability, and come on-look at this color!

2:Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph

This watch is magnificent to behold and exudes class and luxury.

3:Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporary

The ultimate Gentleman’s watch. Check out the masculine design and smooth leather strap.

4:Raymond Weil Freelancer Automatic Chronograph

With fun touches of color on the dials and stitching, this timepiece shows off your fun side.

5:Valentino Rose Black PVD Steel

This wild card is actually not a surprising choice, once you see the beautiful, inlaid details and feminine glamour of the watch.

6:Cartier Tank Francaise

To learn more about this stunning classic, read our blog here! This watch is a piece of history on your wrist.

7:Movado Eliro Stainless Steel

Movado is known for producing streamlined designs with bold, sharp details. A solid timepiece with universal appeal.


8:Breitling Chronomat 41 Steel

It’s better when it’s Breitling. This watch is detailed, functional, and artfully designed. A great start to your watch collection.


9:Frederique Constant Slim Line Automatic

For a more conservative taste, the Slim Line adds a touch of class to your wrist game.

10:Patek Philippe Calatrava

This watch also nabbed its own feature on our blog-check it out! A multi-generational masterpiece you and your family will enjoy for year to come.

Sometimes, you want to stand out. But you can always place your trust in the tastes of the masses. With our dazzling collection of discount luxury watches, these crowdpleasers can be yours in no time. After all, hundreds of satisfied customers can’t be wrong, right?

Which of these top 10 is on your wish list? Share this blog with your friends and family and hope they get the hint…

Our Favorite “Guilty Pleasure” Watches


26729597 - man with suit and watch on hand

We all have our guilty pleasures: little indulgences we treat ourselves to when we just want to embrace life and surround ourselves with comfort and class. While we truly value and stand behind every watch we sell, we will admit to nursing a soft spot for a few select watches. These timepieces are standouts both aesthetically and mechanically, proving you CAN have the best of both worlds! A “guilty pleasure” watch doesn’t necessarily translate into “utterly out of your price range”. In fact, some watches are a guilty pleasure simply because they don’t fit the mold of traditional haute horology. Take the ToyWatch Jelly Looped Blue Plasteramic watch- we adore the playfulness of the silicone body and the understated but eye-catching color of the relatively cheap timepiece, despite its obvious exclusion from the luxury watch circuit. Here’s a few more of our not-so-secret favorites:

ulysis final










Ulysse Nardin GMT +/- Perpetual 18k Mens

This timepiece exudes authority, class, and impeccable taste.

Notable Features: Hardy solid white gold body, automatic movement with perpetual calendar, Swiss Automatic dial movement, and water resistancy.

What makes the pleasure “guilty”:  The price tag. A watch for the avid collector.

patek phillipe final










Patek Philippe Twenty-4 18kt White Gold and Diamond Womens

This timepiece holds true to the Patek Philippe promise of a multi-generational watch.

Notable Features: Solid White Gold Case and Bracelet, Luminous Hand indicators, Dazzling Diamonds on case and on bezel (totalling approx. 1.10 carat), Scratch Resistant sapphire crystal, Water resistant to 25 meters/80 feet.

What makes the pleasure “guilty”: White gold and 1.10 carats total in diamonds? We plead guilty as charged.

raymond final










Raymond Weil Tradition Steel Watch Mens

Though lower priced than the latter, the simple, easy-to-read, open face of this timepiece have made it a long-time favorite in our company.

Notable Features: Date display at the 3 o’clock position, Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal, Crown engraved with RW Logo, Swiss Quartz movement, Water Resistant.

What makes the pleasure “guilty”: Though some may raise their noses at a simpler watch, we still think you can’t beat the “Tradition” in simplistic elegance.

And here’s the best news: these timepieces (as well as many other discount luxury watches) can be yours before the weekend! Browse our collection now and find your next guilty pleasure!

Let us know in the comments below which timepiece makes your heart beat faster!



The Patek Philippe Calatrava


“You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely hold it for the next generation.”  The iconic tagline for Patek Philippe captures perfectly the essence of their Calatrava watch, famously known as “the most handsome watch ever made”. The Calatrava is a treasured heirloom in many families, passed down to future generations with pride. A true dress watch, the Calatrava is perfectly suited for life’s most important events. What is it about the Calatrava, other than its timeless beauty, that propelled the timepiece to this pedestal above its peers?

The Calatrava’s design is streamlined and simple. Its key characteristics are the sharp dials, wide, flat, rounded face, and firm leather wristband. The watch is most commonly purchased in yellow gold. Additionally, the timepiece is worn by both men and women, a novelty amongst fine watches. This is a key factor in the watches’ success: because the piece can be passed down from father to daughter, or from mother to son, you’ll often find Calatravas  passed down as family heirlooms.  

Created in 1932, the Calatrava was quite ahead of its time. The watch featured a sleeker, more subtle design than the chunky, heavy watches popular in its time. But the roots of the name “Calatrava” go much farther back. 1887 was the year the Calatrava became the official symbol of the Genevan manufacturer. The cross was the emblem of the Order of the Calatrava, a military order that received papal approval after saving a Spanish castle from Arabic invasion. This had great significance to the watchmaker, a devout Catholic. When the watch debuted in 1932, Patek Philippe christened this most famous watch model with the name of the cross. As any true horologist knows, the small symbol is often found on the watch case and/or dial.



This luxury watch is a favorite amongst the rich and famous, and is often featured on prominent wrists. Russian president Vladimir Putin and GE CEO Jack Welch both favor the Calatrava above any other timepiece. We are incredibly proud to offer the Calatrava amongst our collection of discount luxury watches.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava is truly a timepiece for the generations. The time is now to create a family heirloom while enjoying the height of workmanship, class, and impeccable design.


Understanding How Watches Keep Time


The mechanics of watches boasts a history of sophistication. Even the most primitive timekeeping technology–the sundial–was an ingenious invention for its time, requiring clever application of astronomy and mathematics. Today’s wristwatches are a vast departure from the sundial; they are personal, portable, and as much a fashion statement as a functional time keeper.

Understanding the design and mechanics behind a watch’s movements brings a deeper appreciation for its elegance. There are several designs for watch mechanics, and some of the most common are described below.

  • Digital. One of the most straightforward watch designs, digital watches typically run on battery power and project–in numerals–the current time based on input from an internal “counter” mechanism.
  • Mechanical. In mechanical watches, energy is derived from the physical winding of a lever on the watch itself. This energy is dispersed through a series of interconnected wheels and channeled through a controlling mechanism to move the second, minute, and hour hands according to a preset pattern.
  • Automatic Mechanical. This is similar to the original mechanical design, except the watch’s energy is gathered from natural movements by the wearer of the watch that result from walking and moving one’s hand, instead of from deliberately cranking a lever.
  • Quartz. This design harnesses the natural low-current electrical impulse that results when pressure is applied to crystal quartz. The movements of the small crystal quartz within the watch trigger the hands to move according to a preset pattern.

Most luxury watch brands, such as Cartier and Longine watches, utilize the automatic mechanical technology. When shopping for your next timepiece, consider the mechanics of its design, as this is an integral component of your watch’s character.

A Guide to Watch Straps

47175277 - female hands with a bright manicure dress watch on wrist.

While the face of a watch may, on first appearance, be its defining feature, its strap is equally important, if not more so. Watch straps dictate the comfort and durability of the timepiece and are integral to its overall style and presentation. Watch straps are primarily distinguished by two characteristics–the material the strap it is made of and the style of the watch strap. Here are some of the most common.

Strap Materials

  • Rubber. Though not especially formal, rubber watch straps are durable and, typically, water resistant. This material is great for sports, boating, and casual wear.
  • Leather. A timeless favorite, leather watches are incredibly versatile and can be worn formally or with casual attire. They do require regular cleaning with specialty products to maintain their appearance.
  • Gold and Silver. Nothing says “elegance” quite like silver and gold watches. The choice between the two will depend upon personal preference, skin tone, and attire. Both gold and silver watch straps require regular polishing to maintain their shine.
  • Stainless Steel. One of the most durable watch strap materials, stainless steel is commonly used in all parts of a watch. Like gold and silver, stainless steel should be cleaned regularly to stay shiny.

Strap Styles

  • Oyster. One of the most popular styles of watch strap, the oyster is distinguished by its three thick chain links. The style has been a favorite for decades since it was debuted by Rolex in the 1930’s.
  • Jubilee. Another classic Rolex premier, the jubilee style features three smaller chain links embedded between two larger links.
  • Aviator/Pilot. Originally fashioned by World War II-era pilots, these straps are typically leather and are designed for durability with multiple large rivets on the sides of the face.
  • NATO. These military-inspired straps are among the easiest to remove and replace as they are made of one continuous piece of fabric. NATO watches are a typically inexpensive but classic style.
  • Rally. This style features several perforations on the sides of the watch strap, a nod to the style of classic race car drivers who lightened the load of their cars with similar perforations in the body of the vehicle.

When it comes to watch straps, there are many styles and materials available, and these lists are by no means exhaustive. Visit Watches and Beyond to browse our extensive inventory of watch styles to find your perfect match.