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Gift Ideas for the Perplexed

With the holidays coming so soon, gifts for loved ones are on everyone’s minds. There are so many possibilities… how to decide who to give what?

They say the value of the gift isn’t measured in the amount of money you spend, but in the the thought you put into choosing the right item. Nevertheless, hearing that joyfully genuine “I always wanted one of those!” is a great feeling. We’ve compiled a collection of awesome present ideas for all your friends and family.

For the bookworm in your family, and every family has one, why not purchase a kindle fire with a few of his favorite books? Or, if you’re searching for something special for that special someone, perfume is an all-around favorite. It’s one of those luxuries that everyone wants but doesn’t always buy for themselves, making it a totally welcome present!

If you want to go the clothing route, new leather gloves, furry earmuffs, or cashmere sweaters can never go wrong. They bring warmth inside and out!

A gift that can be shared and remembered for years is a wonderful idea. Buy tickets to a Broadway show for yourself and a loved one. Or give yourself and your overworked co-worker a rejuvenating day at the spa!

The last idea and perhaps most universally appreciated present you can give anyone is a designer watch. Who wouldn’t love a new watch? Many people like their watches enough not to splurge on a new one themselves, but would jump at the chance to get a new one if someone else bought it for them.

You can find beautiful designer watches at amazing prices at

Below are a few sample watches from our collection for everyone on your list:

gucci watchvalentino ladies' watchswiss army gold chrono watchBaume & Mercier men's watch


Hope this helped you choose your presents well! Remember that it really IS the thought that counts!

Clearance Savings from Watches and Beyond

discount luxury watches

Discount luxury watches from Watches and Beyond are a great value any time of the year. They bring added value when they are part of our Clearance Sale. These are not just a few selections from lesser manufacturers. These are the highest quality brands from names like Chopard, Cartier, Tiffany, Tag Heuer, Ulysse Nardin, Patek Philippe and others. These are significant savings on impressive time pieces. Here are just a few examples.

On clearance is a Cuervo Y Sobrinos Prominente Cronografo. It is an automatic men’s strap watch with a white dial. Its polished stainless steel case is accented with a black alligator strap with off-white stitching. Right now you can save an incredible 70% off its retail price of $8,000. It is currently clearance priced at $2,425.

Another clearance selection is a Raymond Weil Tango two tone men’s watch. Constructed of stainless steel and 18k gold, it features Roman numerals and a quality quartz movement. Its stylish two-tone band works perfectly with this good-looking watch. If you are looking for an affordable watch for a gift or for yourself, this just may be it. It has a retail price of $1,050, but it can be yours today at a 40% savings, just $629.

For ladies there’s this distinctive Ebel Beluga Tonneau ladies stainless steel & diamond watch. This watch includes 44 diamonds set on the bezel and 13 hour markers set in its mother of pearl dial. The case back has Ebel hallmarkings and its serial number. With a retail price of $5,700, you can now purchase this fine timepiece for $3,795, that’s a 33% savings.

See our complete listing of clearance sale watches and select the perfect watch for you or someone you love. Remember, at Watches & Beyond, we offer free domestic shipping, a 15 day return policy, authenticity is guaranteed, and we don’t charge sales tax for those outside of New York. Take advantage of these clearance prices today!

Watches and Beyond: Online Resources

Watches and Beyond was created with over a decade of experience. Our love and knowledge for time pieces has allowed us to create an amazing online marketplace where users can find brand name watches at fractions of the price at which they would find elsewhere. While shopping for watches online, buyers must be weary about the quality and authenticity of the product. Users visiting can rest assured that all items bought are 100% authentic, and come in the original packaging with all papers included. We also have a customer service department who is here to help you with any problems you may have with your order or product, including sizing and repairs.

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This being said, we wanted to share with you some information about our online resources. For those with questions about watches, storage, and other relative topics, we have a page dedicated to sharing commonly sought out information regarding time pieces. Take a look at our Watches 101 page. Many questions buyers have often while shopping our online site for Longines watches, Concord watches, Gucci watches, Raymond Weil Tango watches, and more can be found. Simple definition which may confuse the consumer can be cleared up with a click.

We are here to provide users with a great buying experience, and authentic time pieces at the lowest prices possible. Stat browsing today at!


Best Watches of the Season

RWstainlWith winter over and spring fast approaching, many people find themselves in the market for a new watch, or they are searching for a watch to give as a graduation gift to a loved one. Their timing could not be better because the world of watches is inundated with timepieces inspired by spring fashions. A new watch is the perfect addition to a new spring look.

For young men we suggest the Raymond Weil Tango Chronograph Steel Watch. The elegant stainless steel timepiece is an impressive watch for job interviews, first dates, and formal functions. It is simple but elegant, making it ideal for someone who has a small collection. It is versatile but doesn’t fall into the trap of being generic, as many all-purpose watches do. It costs just under $1,200, but keep in mind a quality Raymond Weil Tango will last a lifetime. Think of it as an investment!

For someone living the active lifestyle who wants to maintain an aura of elegance, we  recommend a Swiss Army watch from the Air Boss collection. These aviation-style watches are not just for pilots. Their sturdy build makes them the perfect hybrid of business and pleasure. They are great for leaving the office early and heading for the beach!

Swiss Army Watches: A History

Swiss Army WatchesAlthough most people are familiar with the iconic Swiss Army watch, they do not know much about its origins. This popular international brand is shrouded in mystery. Let us take a brief look at the history of the Swiss Army company and how they became so well known for Swiss Army knives and watches.

The company that makes all Swiss Army merchandise is Victorinox. They do, in fact, make knives and tools for the Army of Switzerland but are a privately owned and operated company. They first gained popularity in the States after WWII when soldiers brought the knives home.

The knives became so popular that the company started marketing them here. Around the same time they developed watches. It was a natural move for a company that already had years designing complex items with many small moving parts. The Swiss Army watch was at first as rugged as the knife that bares its name. With time, however, they responded to trends and developed a range of fashion-friendly lines. You can still rely on the Swiss Army company to produce high-quality goods.

If you thought Swiss Army watches were all about rugged pragmatism, think again; they now create watches on par with those of high-end fashion houses.

Women’s Swiss Army Watches

“Rugged sophistication” is the phrase we used when last we discussed Swiss Army watches. It still holds true; these are durable, practical, but ultimately quite attractive timepieces. You will even be forgiven for assuming that the entire line of Swiss Army watches is a mostly male dominated field of time-keeping tools. The assumption could not be further from the truth.

Swiss Army watches apply their durability and practicality to a small line of excellent women’s watches. Each has its own charm. For example, the Ambassador has a blue dial set and beautiful polished silver features in a stainless steel case and bracelet narrower than the men’s models. The Victorinox Maverick II offers a red bezel on a white watch face, a perfect watch for casual dress in all types of climates. The Summit XLT’s rubber watch band gives it a comfy, sportier feel, perfect for jogging or just hitting the gym.

Each model of women’s Swiss Army watches offers something uniquely “Swiss Army” without sacrificing a feminine bent. These are beautiful timepieces and should be considered by any woman who values a watch with a guarantee for longevity, along with high style. Browse our wide selection and take advantage of superb discounts.