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Taking Care of Your Watch


When you buy a watch, you are beginning a relationship with a brand new addition to your collection of valuables. Not simply a timepiece, a watch is defines your unique style and becomes an extension of you that can last over an entire lifespan. This is why it is important to take care of your watch and maintain it well over the years.

One thing you must know about keeping your watch in good shape is that you have to clean it often. Give it a good wipe down every night to prevent rust build up from sweat and dirt that has accumulated during an entire day of wear. Aside from a daily cleaning, be sure to give your watch a full yearly cleaning at a jewelry store to get all the spots you would miss from a cleaning that you’ve done on your own. A professional jeweler will have the ability to take out smaller, harder to reach pieces of the watch that we wouldn’t advise you to take out on your own.

If you own a mechanical watch, another thing you can do to maintain your watch is to wind it daily. This is done to ensure that your watch is running smoothly. Turn the crown back and forth a few times until you feel a tightness or resistance. When your watch is fully wound, it will have a power reserve of 38 to 48 hours.

One thing to note about your watch is that it doesn’t do well in tropical, icy, or damp weather. When faced with these conditions, you may see condensation build up in the watch. One tip to remove this is to open the watch and lightly use a hairdryer to dry the works and the case. While the watch is open, you may even notice some dirt or debris inside. To clean this up, you can take an air can and quickly pump it over the watch.

With a stunning piece like a Longines watch or Raymond Weil Tango, you’ll want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment. Like all things in life, a watch is only as good as the care you put into it, so make your time piece look and feel as special as it was the day you bought it. You’ll be thanking yourself years later.

Blue is for Beach

Memorial Day weekend is here, which means the kick off of beach season.  Now is the time to sit back under the sun and relish in the glory of the summer months. While it’s important to keep your watch away from water and sand, blue tones can carry the feel of the beach from wherever you are.

When it comes to a blue watch for the summer, it’s important to keep it as light and airy as possible. Here are some options that we love.


This color blue is great to wear against a bright yellow bathing suit. Just watch out and be sure you don’t get sand or water in your watch.  Watch care is highly important at the beach. Always keep your watch tucked away in a safe place.


This watch would be great with a flowing white dress. We’re imagining something you can dance and swirl around in.


This watch is a bit bulkier and better suited for a shorts and t-shirt style. Perfect for nights spent walking around, enjoying the breeze.


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Watch Care

It only make sense to take the greatest precautions when attempting to clean luxury watches such as your Raymond Weil Tango or Longines watches, and it’s recommended to have a deep cleaning performed by an authorized dealer during annual servicing. However, regular watch wearers typically need to perform a basic cleaning every two months to maintain that polished appearance and can use the following tips on how to clean a watch.


How to Clean Fine Watches


Remove the bracelet if possible; otherwise, you’ll want to take care not to get the case wet during the cleaning process even if it’s a water-resistant model. Eradicate any loose debris on the watch band that you can easily remove before continuing.


Rubber and Metal Watches – Bands made of rubber or metals such as stainless steel, silver, and gold watches may be safely soaked to aid the cleaning. Prepare a warm soak of non-abrasive dish liquid and immerse the bracelet for approximately 20 minutes. Use a soft-bristled brush to get between each link to remove residue from each side of both bracelet pieces. Dry and polish with a lint-free cloth before re-assembling.


Leather Watches – Many leather bracelets should never get wet; however, many patented types may be cleaned with a diluted mixture of water and vinegar. A soft-bristled toothbrush can gently remove debris. Allow the straps to dry hanging or laying flat before re-assembling and wearing.


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