Our Favorite “Guilty Pleasure” Watches


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We all have our guilty pleasures: little indulgences we treat ourselves to when we just want to embrace life and surround ourselves with comfort and class. While we truly value and stand behind every watch we sell, we will admit to nursing a soft spot for a few select watches. These timepieces are standouts both aesthetically and mechanically, proving you CAN have the best of both worlds! A “guilty pleasure” watch doesn’t necessarily translate into “utterly out of your price range”. In fact, some watches are a guilty pleasure simply because they don’t fit the mold of traditional haute horology. Take the ToyWatch Jelly Looped Blue Plasteramic watch- we adore the playfulness of the silicone body and the understated but eye-catching color of the relatively cheap timepiece, despite its obvious exclusion from the luxury watch circuit. Here’s a few more of our not-so-secret favorites:

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Ulysse Nardin GMT +/- Perpetual 18k Mens

This timepiece exudes authority, class, and impeccable taste.

Notable Features: Hardy solid white gold body, automatic movement with perpetual calendar, Swiss Automatic dial movement, and water resistancy.

What makes the pleasure “guilty”:  The price tag. A watch for the avid collector.

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Patek Philippe Twenty-4 18kt White Gold and Diamond Womens

This timepiece holds true to the Patek Philippe promise of a multi-generational watch.

Notable Features: Solid White Gold Case and Bracelet, Luminous Hand indicators, Dazzling Diamonds on case and on bezel (totalling approx. 1.10 carat), Scratch Resistant sapphire crystal, Water resistant to 25 meters/80 feet.

What makes the pleasure “guilty”: White gold and 1.10 carats total in diamonds? We plead guilty as charged.

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Raymond Weil Tradition Steel Watch Mens

Though lower priced than the latter, the simple, easy-to-read, open face of this timepiece have made it a long-time favorite in our company.

Notable Features: Date display at the 3 o’clock position, Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal, Crown engraved with RW Logo, Swiss Quartz movement, Water Resistant.

What makes the pleasure “guilty”: Though some may raise their noses at a simpler watch, we still think you can’t beat the “Tradition” in simplistic elegance.

And here’s the best news: these timepieces (as well as many other discount luxury watches) can be yours before the weekend! Browse our collection now and find your next guilty pleasure!

Let us know in the comments below which timepiece makes your heart beat faster!



Making Time for Quality Time


We all wish we had more time to spend with our loved ones. But after a harried 9 to 5 day at the office, we find ourselves crashing, either into bed or in front of the TV, instead of spending quality moments with our kids, spouses, partners, and friends. We rationalize that we’re better off not sharing our cranky, stressed, and often sleep-deprived selves with our families, and mentally commit to make up for lost time on weekends or holidays.

But while we wait for those “opportune moments” to show up, we miss out countless opportunities to forge real connections with the people around us. How do we find that perfect balance of “me time” and “we time?”.

First of all, cut the guilt when it comes to your kids. Studies conducted on the relationship between child-parent bonding time and children’s success levels (both socially and scholastically) have shown that the relationship is not direct. Kids growing up with hovering, constantly available stay-at-home moms or dads don’t necessarily feel closer or more positively toward their parent. The conclusion of these studies show that quality trumps quantity when it comes to familial bonding. So that quick trip to the ice cream store after school can mean more to your child than a three-hour homework session, if you truly communicate, engage with, and take interest in your child’s observations and opinions all the way through.



Secondly, set aside time on your calendar, ideally once a week, to go out with some friends. It’s been consistently proven that social interaction on a constant basis leads to decreased stress levels, lower risk of depression, and overall better health. And again, quality over quantity. You don’t have to hit up fifteen bars with Steve in order to reap the benefits of social time. A quick bite to eat, phone call, or even online game of cards can really deepen your relationship without cutting into your busy schedule.



Keeping track of time is an underratedly difficult task in our modern era. While our attention is constantly being pulled away from the things that matter, it’s up to us to make meaningful use of our limited free time. Why not treat yourself to a discount luxury watch to celebrate these precious moments with your loved ones?

The Patek Philippe Calatrava


“You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely hold it for the next generation.”  The iconic tagline for Patek Philippe captures perfectly the essence of their Calatrava watch, famously known as “the most handsome watch ever made”. The Calatrava is a treasured heirloom in many families, passed down to future generations with pride. A true dress watch, the Calatrava is perfectly suited for life’s most important events. What is it about the Calatrava, other than its timeless beauty, that propelled the timepiece to this pedestal above its peers?

The Calatrava’s design is streamlined and simple. Its key characteristics are the sharp dials, wide, flat, rounded face, and firm leather wristband. The watch is most commonly purchased in yellow gold. Additionally, the timepiece is worn by both men and women, a novelty amongst fine watches. This is a key factor in the watches’ success: because the piece can be passed down from father to daughter, or from mother to son, you’ll often find Calatravas  passed down as family heirlooms.  

Created in 1932, the Calatrava was quite ahead of its time. The watch featured a sleeker, more subtle design than the chunky, heavy watches popular in its time. But the roots of the name “Calatrava” go much farther back. 1887 was the year the Calatrava became the official symbol of the Genevan manufacturer. The cross was the emblem of the Order of the Calatrava, a military order that received papal approval after saving a Spanish castle from Arabic invasion. This had great significance to the watchmaker, a devout Catholic. When the watch debuted in 1932, Patek Philippe christened this most famous watch model with the name of the cross. As any true horologist knows, the small symbol is often found on the watch case and/or dial.



This luxury watch is a favorite amongst the rich and famous, and is often featured on prominent wrists. Russian president Vladimir Putin and GE CEO Jack Welch both favor the Calatrava above any other timepiece. We are incredibly proud to offer the Calatrava amongst our collection of discount luxury watches.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava is truly a timepiece for the generations. The time is now to create a family heirloom while enjoying the height of workmanship, class, and impeccable design.


History of the Cartier Tank

6a010536a2d0d1970b0147e2b40317970b-600wiThe Cartier Tank has long been regarded as one of the most iconic watches of all time. Production of Tanks first began in 1917, making this coming year the 100th anniversary of this classic timepiece! The beautifully unique shape and workmanship of the watch was a novelty at its inception, laying the groundwork for the popularity and timelessness of the piece for decades to come.

The Cartier Tank was, in fact, the pioneer of wristwatches. Most personal watches produced at the time were pocket watches that were occasionally outfitted as wristwatches. Cartier instigated the wristwatch revolution by creating aseamless, integrated wristband and watchface. The square face of the watch was also groundbreaking in a time where round watch faces were not only the norm, but the only option available to consumers.

Where did the Tank get its unique name? Army tanks were first used on the battlefields of World War 1 (known then as the Great War) and helped bring victory for the American and British troops. The shape of the Tank bears a strong resemblance to the British Mark IV tanks used on the winning side, and thus appealed to the general patriotic consumer.

The Tank had it fair share of promotion from the rich and famous as well. Famous actors such as Clark Gable (‘Gone With the Wind’), Gary Cooper (‘The Pride of the Yankees’), and Rudolph Valentino (‘The Son of the Shiek’) sported the Tank while filming various roles, and iconic artist Andy Warhol wore the iconic piece as well.

Cartier released three new editions of the Tank in 2012. Only one of those designs featured a significant change- The Tank Louis Cartier XL. This watch is super-thin at just over 5mm, making it noticeably slimmer than the 1920’s editions.


Indeed, the Cartier Tank is a true historical standout in the world of modern wristwatches. Fortunately, this watch is still in production as sales are going strong. Why not own this magnificent piece of history that truly shaped watchmaking today?

Wristband Materials- A Guide


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 In today’s modern market, there are an infinite number of materials used to craft wristbands, ranging from cheap plastic to thousands-per-ounce platinum. While the face of a watch is usually the selling point, the wristband is, after all, what’s in contact with your skin all day, so it’s beneficial to be an educated consumer when shopping for your ideal timepiece. Read this quick guide to the top five most popular wristband materials, then check out our personal favorite watches that feature each medium.

1-Platinum. It is widely marketed as the most high-end, exclusive, and beautiful metals used in wristbands. Platinum is 95% pure metal, so it doesn’t tarnish easily. It is also highly durable, extremely versatile, and hypoallergenic.

Our pick: Rado Sintra Jubile Ceramic & Blue Sapphire 

2-Gold. Ever the classic, gold has been used in watch production since the dawn of the timepiece. Gold has myriads of color gradients, from  loud yellow to dainty rose to stark white. It is also quite durable, doesn’t tarnish easily, and is simply majestic.

Our pick: Ulysse Nardin GMT +/- Perpetual 18k Solid Gold 

3-Steel. Steel is an alloy of several metals, making it super malleable and therefore very versatile. Used in most watches, steel is known for its incredible, polished finish. Some issues to be aware of are denting/scratching, and, in cases of extreme heat, warping of the metal.

Our pick: Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Stainless Steel 

4-Leather. Leather wristbands have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, and it’s no surprise why. Leather is fashionable, flexible, and practical, and comes in thousands of shades, textures, and styles. Downside: it can get uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time.

Our pick: Patek Philippe Calatrava 18k Solid Gold 

5-Plastic. Don’t discount the humblest of materials! Plastic bands can be soft and flexible, or rigid and linked. Plastic bands are easily personalized and cost-effective, while staying fun and playful. Many high-end watch companies use plastic in even their most luxurious watches. And because they’re so cheap, you can buy a watch for every ensemble!

Our pick: ToyWatch Jelly Watch Teal Blue Plasteramic 

Now that you’re “armed” with this knowledge, it’s time to find your dream watch. Let us know which wristband speaks to you in the comments below!

Diver Watches: Timepieces of the Sea

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Last week, we highlighted the fascinating aviation watch, admiring its durability, style, and multi-functionality. This week, we’re moving from sky to sea, and exploring the design of the lesser-known dive watch, or diver’s watch. These watches are primarily used by professional scuba divers for a variety of purposes: to, obviously, tell time, as well as measure water depth, temperature, and salinity.

The first time dive watches really came into the light was in 1926, when Rolex created the “Oyster” watch. This watch featured a hermetically sealed case, making it the one of the first watches that could be exposed to water for lengthy periods of time. The “Oyster” truly rose to fame when Mercedes Gleitze wore it around his neck while swimming the English Channel. The watch spent over 10 hours in chilly water, but remained functional throughout.

In the professional scuba diving world, there are certain requirements a dive watch must meet before being taken into the water. To name a few:

1-The watch must have VERY visible minute markings on the face

Reason: This ensures that divers remain aware of how long they’ve spent beneath the surface.

2- Adequate readability at at least 9.8 inches in complete darkness

Reason: Most dives don’t take place right at the surface. Divers venture to depths where almost no sunlight penetrates.

3- The watch must have magnetic resistance

Reason: This is to ensure the watch remains accurate despite varying magnetic pulls beneath the water.

4-The timepiece must be shock and chemical resistant.

Reason: Intense conditions at extreme water depths cannot interfere with the accuracy of the piece.

5- An EOL (End of Life) Indicator.

Reason: To ensure that the user never dives with a faulty watch, which can be disastrous and sometimes, fatal.

While these features make dive watches sound inaccessible and intimidating to laymen, these timepieces are actually readily available for purchase and are quite popular. Their multi-functionality appeals to everyone, and their intricate design makes these watches a standout. Browse our collection now and admire the craftsmanship and durability of these fascinating timepieces.

What is the Function of an Aviation Watch?

Aviator (or aviation) watches are universally recognized as the classiest, most high-end timepieces in the world. These watches are infinitely functional, timelessly beautiful, and are often preserved as priceless heirlooms for g46737685 - chronograph dial, wristwatch macroenerations. But, navigating the face of these watches can be daunting. What are the functions of those numerous dials,notches, and numbers?

Aviator watches were first created specifically for pilots who needed to keep track of an immense amount of atmospheric information at any given time. The ideal place for this information was on their wrists, so when in flight, the pilot could access important stats at a glance. The watch face is large, clear, and in some cases, sport luminous dials that are visitble in the dark.They often sport the time zones for several cities, as pilots would need to be aware of the time in both the departure and arrival city when crossing time zone lines. Most aviator watches also contain a chronograph, or in layman’s terms, a stop watch. This was also an imperative tool when timing flights.

Another attractive feature of aviator watches is their intense durability. Remember, these pieces were used by airplane pilots as early as 1904, when most pilots flew in unenclosed cockpits. These watches would be exposed to extreme atmospheric pressure, moisture, heat, cold, wind, and other intense conditions. In order to withstand these extremes, aviation timepieces were crafted from incredibly tough materials like pure steel and teflon.

While most aviation watches sold today bear little resemblance to the rugged timepieces of old, these watches still carry many of the impressive features used in the originals. There is a wide range of aviation watches on the market,from high-end and hand-crafted, to less delicate, everyday timepieces. These watches are functional yet beautiful, bold but classy, and truly make a statement with every glance at the time.

Top Five Time Management Tips

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Some people seem to naturally arrive at every appointment five minutes early, cool and collected, impressive gold watch casually on display. Others can’t seem to arrive within a half hour of the appointed time and always look as though they’ve been running with the bulls. What are some of the secrets of those early arrivers?

  1. Always Know the Time. This may sound flippant, but for those who don’t have an innate sense of time passing, it’s vital to either wear a timepiece or have clocks visible in every work and living space.
  2. Count Backwards from Arrival. This trick has helped so many, and it’s so simple. Start with the time you wish to arrive at a location or do a task. Subtract the amount of time it takes you to travel there (with a generous overage to account for traffic etc). Then continue subtracting how much time it requires for each task you need to do prior to departure until you arrive at the time you need to begin preparing.
  3. Spend Time to Save Time. The most common complaint about keeping a planner or even a digital organizer is that entering tasks takes too long. However, since most routines recur, an hour spent planning the week will ultimately save time once the routine has been established.  
  4. Eliminate the Noise. Both literal noise and metaphorical noise-like distractions reduce your efficiency at completing tasks. When each task takes extra time to complete, your entire schedule can be disrupted. That’s not to say you have to work in silence; just that distractions need to be minimized.
  5. Learn to Say ‘No’: Some find themselves overwhelmed and perpetually behind schedule simply because they have taken on too many obligations. Declining new tasks allows you complete what’s on hand, prioritizing quality over quantity.

The transition to a new way of thinking about and handling your time can take some adjustment. One way to smooth this, or create an incentive for yourself is to invest in a new watch, one you’ll enjoy wearing, even if the cost isn’t substantive. Discount luxury watches are a way to say to the world that you value your time and the time of others. Visit our website to find the watch you want.

Minimalist Watch Styles for Modern Sophistication

The popularity of minimalist fashion tells us that an article of clothing or accessory does not need to be ornate or flashy to be stylish. Minimalist fashion emphasizes nominal decoration and patterning, sparing use of color, and simple design. While that may, at first, sound boring, minimalist styles are often quite striking in their austerity. Take a look at some of our favorites.

w1The Longines La Grande Classique 18kt White Gold Mens Luxury Swiss Watch is a departure from the typical, ornate fashion of Longine Watches. The simplicity of this elegant watch lies in the thin lines of the hands and face. The crocodile leather strap adds a bit of flare to this otherwise minimalist timepiece.



w2This Rado Ceramica XL Jubilee Black Ceramic Men’s Dress Watch brings an ultra modern edge to minimalism with its blocky design. The face of the watch itself is tiny, almost an afterthought to the dominant black wrist strap. The black diamond face adds an element of sophistication, making this watch suitable for both casual and business attire.



w3The Frederique Constant Slim Line Automatic 18kt Rose Gold Mens Luxury Strap Watch, similar to the Longines La Grande, presents with a classic look that has been updated with a minimalist style. The thin and simple hand indicators and hour markers modernize this elegant piece.




And, for the ladies, this Tiffany and Co. Tesoro Stainless Steel Women’s Watch is a major simplification of typical, ornate women’s watches. No bling or jewels here, the simple but stylish wristband frames the trimmed down face and hand indicators, creating a chic look for women. This timepiece looks great as an accessory to business or semi-formal attire.


Though simple in design, minimalist watch styles exude elegance and sophistication. These timepieces match well with many types of attire and are popular for both men and women. Find your minimalist watch style today!

Understanding How Watches Keep Time


The mechanics of watches boasts a history of sophistication. Even the most primitive timekeeping technology–the sundial–was an ingenious invention for its time, requiring clever application of astronomy and mathematics. Today’s wristwatches are a vast departure from the sundial; they are personal, portable, and as much a fashion statement as a functional time keeper.

Understanding the design and mechanics behind a watch’s movements brings a deeper appreciation for its elegance. There are several designs for watch mechanics, and some of the most common are described below.

  • Digital. One of the most straightforward watch designs, digital watches typically run on battery power and project–in numerals–the current time based on input from an internal “counter” mechanism.
  • Mechanical. In mechanical watches, energy is derived from the physical winding of a lever on the watch itself. This energy is dispersed through a series of interconnected wheels and channeled through a controlling mechanism to move the second, minute, and hour hands according to a preset pattern.
  • Automatic Mechanical. This is similar to the original mechanical design, except the watch’s energy is gathered from natural movements by the wearer of the watch that result from walking and moving one’s hand, instead of from deliberately cranking a lever.
  • Quartz. This design harnesses the natural low-current electrical impulse that results when pressure is applied to crystal quartz. The movements of the small crystal quartz within the watch trigger the hands to move according to a preset pattern.

Most luxury watch brands, such as Cartier and Longine watches, utilize the automatic mechanical technology. When shopping for your next timepiece, consider the mechanics of its design, as this is an integral component of your watch’s character.