History of Raymond Weil watches

Love your Raymond Weil watches? Here are some things you ought to know about this Swiss watchmaker, founded by Raymond Weil in 1976 in Geneva, Switzerland, at the time the Swiss watch industry was in turmoil. Raymond Weil’s son-in-law, Olivier Bernheim, joined the company in 1982, and is now CEO of the company.

Raymond Weil has a strong commitment to music, art and culture, evidenced in the names of its collections, which honor great writers, composers and operas. During the 1980s, various collections were launched, including the Amadeus collection, the Othello collection, and the Traviata collection. In the 1990s, the Parsifal, Tango, W1 and Don Giovanni collections were launched. In the last decade, Ladies’ Shine, Nabucco, Freelancer and Ladies’ Noemia collections were launched. In 2006, Raymond Weil established a club for its fans and customers: the The RW Club.

Raymond Weil’s research and development department is known for its innovative, cutting-edge luxury watches which offer elegant design and a high degree of comfort to the wearer. One of its major achievements occurred in 1999, when it created a GMT function for the famous Don Giovanni Così Grande watch, which can operate across two time zones.

Fine Watches: The Timex Nail Watch

If you were born before 1990, chances are, you’ve experienced the same technology shocks as me. First it was the typewriter, then the fax, then computers, then portable laptop computers. I consider myself an old man, my grandchildren remind me of that. They don’t tell me directly to my face, but when I saw my youngest grandson playing with one of those newfangled iPhones while sitting in his stroller the other day, I knew. Now I’m a traditional man and I like traditional things, so when it comes to something as mundane and common as a watch, I like sensible fine watches that are durable and easy to use. Not one of those with 20 buttons on the side and glows in the dark. A nice and sensible luxury watch. Well little did I know what I would find when I went on the internet for the first time in a month. Some crazy geniuses have made the world’s smallest watch—one that you can wear on your fingernail.

Two watch companies Timex and Core77 have recently collaborated to introduce one of the world’s smallest watches, the Timex Nail Watch.

Crazy, I know, but there’s really no stopping these kids from making all sorts of crazy gadgets. It sounds like something one of my grandkids would get me, of course, if they ever did, they’d have to buy me some stronger reading glasses to ever read the time on my fingernail.

Unisex Luxury Watches

I was walking down the street the other day and I noticed that a lot of women were wearing what seemed like men’s luxury watches. Women often favor watches with smaller faces, but it seems like times are changing. Of course, some styles and fashions are timeless, but more and more watch styles have become unisex within the past few years. There’s just something so rebellious about wearing a watch that doesn’t quite seem normal, but also completely works! The oversized faces of a luxury watch against a woman’s wrist just seems to mesh well together in my opinion. The unique contrast creates an interesting look that I really love! But don’t get me wrong, I also think these watches look great on men, of course.

Popular brands like even Gucci watches are starting to sport unisex styled fashions now. Even Angelina Jolie can be seen wearing a Concord men’s watch in a recent issue of Vanity Fair. It seems like a lot of celebrities and even the general population are getting with the times and sporting whatever watch they like!  And why not?! Like I always say, wear and buy whatever suits you, even if it’s against the norm.

Movado Watch a la Derek Jeter

Movado watch: Jeter style. That’s right! Movado has given the Yankee superstar a watch he can call his own, and you can wear it, too, if you favor the pinstripes of the Bronx Bombers. Coincidentally, they happen to match some of the best men’s suits…

Jeter’s Movado watch is a fancy number in the Special Edition Series 800 Chronograph Watches. This “Limited Edition Movado Series 800 Jeter Chronograph” comes 18k rose gold. The edge of the caseback in sapphire crystal is also decorated with Jeter’s name and his team number as well as on the 18k central winding mass. All that’s set in a 47mm rose gold case with sapphire crystals in both sides and an alligator strap. Whoa! And all for a cool $25,000. It comes in a restricted series of only 10 edition pieces worldwide, so you better get it while it’s hot, just like your dog at the game…

If you’re worried about the price, will it help to know that the collaboration will help Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation, an organization that helps kids stay away from drugs and alcohol?

If that still doesn’t do it, don’t worry. We’ve got another gorgeous Movado watch in our collection for a whole lot less and your name all over it.

iPhones Are Great, But They’re No Replacement For Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are a true fashion essential. iPhones are awesome gadgets. You do see the difference, don’t you?

It’s not as if there’s no precedent for talking to watches. We loved Knight Rider as much as anyone, waited on the edges of our seats for KITT to come tearing around the corner in response to Michael’s urgent request spoken into his digital… But the the kind of talking we do to our luxury watches is more in the vein of the sweet nothing, or just a sort of contented cooing, maybe Italian, bella

Talk on your cell phone. It makes life easier, more connected. Send texts, check your email, play Crazy Shapes. We can’t condone the bluetooth headset, due to matters of fashion for which we are obviously sticklers, or why would we be in the business of luxury watches?

There simply is no piece of jewelry so elegant and gender neutral as a fine watch. Form, function, straight up gorgeousness.

You’ll replace your iPhone when the next one comes out. You’ll hand your luxury watch down through the generations. You do see the difference, don’t you?

Frequency Technology in Phillip Stein Watches

One of the many great things about luxury watches is that when you make the plunge and buy one, you can be sure you’re getting more than just a watch. You’re getting a feature-laden timepiece that is guaranteed to last far longer than other inferior watches.

One watchmaker that strives to always remain on the cutting edge is Phillip Stein. What separates Phillip Stein watches from the rest is the frequency technology used—electromagnetic and natural frequency. Natural frequency is the most recent (introduced in 2008) and encompasses the resonant frequency of the earth (which is 7.83). Both types of frequency technology work within the 7-9 hertz frequency, which according to their site “encompasses the chief resonant frequency that is harmonious and grounding to life.” They go on to say that  research has indicated that both frequency  technologies used in Phillip Stein watches have similar results and many Phillip Stein wearers have reported a 32 percent reduction of stress in 90 percent of Phillip Stein wearers.

All in all, when you don Phillip Stein watches with frequency technology, you’re putting your body in harmony with the earth natural frequencies. Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it?

2 Raymond Weil Watches You Ladies Are Sure To Love

Last week we discussed a few Raymond Weil watches that are perfect for any gentleman who is looking for the ultimate luxury timepiece. This week, it’s  all about the ladies. In addition to their vast collection of men’s luxury watches, Raymond Weil really knows how to incorporate all of that Swiss-watch maker quality into a scaled-down sleek, stylish and feminine watch. With Raymond Weil watches, you can be sure that the watch you choose is made with the finest materials available and designed with the most cutting edge trends and styles in mind. Here are 3 ladies styles that will be on your luxury watch wish list faster than you can say Raymond Weil!:

Shine Stainless Steel and Diamond Watch

This gorgeous, unique ladies watch style is a perfect example of Raymond Weil’s unwaivering ability to push the norm when it comes to design, all without sacrificing the superior quality that has made them one of mainstays in Swiss watchmaking. The Shine’s rectangular stainless steel case is offset with diamonds, and features a stunning silver/ivory dial set. In addition, it comes with an interchangable cream satin on leather strap.

Parsifal Mini

This 18k yellow gold watch has all of the classic proportions of a traditional wristwatch, offset with a beautiful Mother-of-Pearl dial and gold-tone dot hour markers. It’s scaled down size is perfect for ladies’ more slender wrists and is versatile enough to wear to the office or for an evening out on the town.

2 Raymond Weil Watches You’re Sure to Love: Part 1

Raymond Weil is a Swiss watchmaker that is known as one of the last independent brands in the Swiss luxury watch industry. The styles of Raymond Weil watches are characteristically modern and luxurious, often constructed from such fine materials as 18ct gold and high-clarity diamonds. Raymond Weil watches can range from a stainless steel quartz model, to the more upscale 18ct pink gold, titanium and carbon fibre mechanical. All in all there’s a Raymond Weil style out there for everyone. Here are 3 styles of men’s Raymond Weil  watches for men that you can add to your wish list:

Raymond Weil Don Giovanni Cosi Grande:

Presented in a polished stainless steel case and fitted with a black genuine Alligator leather wrist strap, and a gorgeous silver dial and silver guilloche sun-dials, this watch is fit for a king. In addition, the watch is equipped with luminous silver tone roman numeral markers, an anti-reflective scratch resistant sapphire crystal face.

Raymond Weil Freelancer SS Mens Watch

The Freelancer SS mens watch features a luxurious brushed and polished stainless steel case and bracelet, a sleek black textured dial set with bold silver tone and luminous hand indicators. Another perk is it is water resistant when submerged up to 100 meters/330 feet.

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