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Our Favorite Watches the Power Woman

We all have that one woman in our life.

She’s running from meeting to meeting, a Starbucks grande in one hand and her iPhone in the other, lipstick still startlingly red, not a hair out of place.

Whether you love them, hate them, or are one of them, there’s one thing we know you’ve got: style. Whether it’s the perfect bag, sharp sunglasses, or a bullet-proof phone case every workaholic has got that one accessory they don’t leave home without.

Allow us to introduce your next such accessory: the women’s power watch. Here’s our top five, but we’ve got plenty more discount luxury watches where that comes from!

  1. Cartier Ballon Blue: this unisex watch projects control, elegance, and utility. We see this on the wrist of a brilliant criminal lawyer.cartier
  2. Chopard Happy Sport: hello, color! Add this bright pop of bubble-gum pink while staying tasteful and composed. This is definitely for the editor of Vogue.chopard
  3. Patek Philippe Twenty-4: no-nonsense past this point. For the real corporate executive who doesn’t have time for frills, you’ve got the Twenty-4.patek
  4. Valentino Rose Black: this breathtakingly unique timepiece stuns in sharp, unrelenting black steel and leather. The delicate feminine rose helps soften the blow. CEO, no doubt.valentino
  5. Frederique Constant Classics: This is timeless. This is elegant. This is the power-woman’s go-to bling. From teachers to moms to accountants to everything in between, this timepiece is a sure crowd pleaser.frederique

So what are you waiting for? Ladies, it’s time to treat yourselves: you deserve these and more! And guys: you know she’s looking out for these. Why not get a head start?

Keep ruling the world, girls.

Which of these stunners catches your fancy? Own any of these timepieces and care to share your thoughts?