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Watches As Jewelry by Cartier

fine watchesThe world of fine watches and the world of fine jewelry have always coexisted with a symbiotic harmony. Both industries require fine craftsmanship, an attention to detail and a knowledge of metals and minerals. You could argue the connection has become even more important in the past two decades as cell phones have proliferated and every cell phone has built-in clocks. No one needs to wear a watch anymore, they do it because they want to. The reasons are culture, aesthetic and personal. Many jewelry brands have watch collections dating back to the early days of luxury watches.

A great example of this can be found in Cartier watches. Cartier rose to fame creating jewelry, letter openers, statuettes and other items from precious metals and gems. Their watches represent the same deep understanding on precious metal and stones, both in design and construction. If you are looking for a watch that you can wear as a bracelet, Cartier is a good place to start. Cartier watches are a luxury item and are priced accordingly. Most watches are in the mid-thousands. For a watch with a lot of diamonds or other ultra-fancy characteristics, you can expect to pay around $25,000. Don’t let this scare you off, you can find a great Cartier watch for under $2,500 when you shop at Watches and Beyond.

Cartier Watches for Men

Cartier watchesCartier is a brand with serious clout in more arenas than one. Whether you are talking about modern men’s watches, antique women’s jewelry or other accessories of the utmost quality, the name Cartier quickly comes to the forefront of your mind. After all, people collect Cartier for a reason. Let’s take a look at some contemporary Cartier watches for men.

Cartier watches are big and bold. Look no further than the Cartier Pasha Seatime collection. These watches are large, with bold numbers and clean, concise design. Calling them flashy would be a stretch, especially considering what else is out there, but these watches do not hide in plain sight. There are a variety of sea timers. They differ in the face of the watch; some are clean, while others have three subdials.

The Cartier Santos collection of watches offers an even simpler, square face. This is a very to the point watch. The smooth curves and elegant numerals are not necessarily striking, but anyone who takes the time to really look at the watch for more than a moment will appreciate its simple beauty. It comes in a few forms with variations in the strap and face, though the collection as a whole is fairly uniform.