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What is the Function of an Aviation Watch?

Aviator (or aviation) watches are universally recognized as the classiest, most high-end timepieces in the world. These watches are infinitely functional, timelessly beautiful, and are often preserved as priceless heirlooms for g46737685 - chronograph dial, wristwatch macroenerations. But, navigating the face of these watches can be daunting. What are the functions of those numerous dials,notches, and numbers?

Aviator watches were first created specifically for pilots who needed to keep track of an immense amount of atmospheric information at any given time. The ideal place for this information was on their wrists, so when in flight, the pilot could access important stats at a glance. The watch face is large, clear, and in some cases, sport luminous dials that are visitble in the dark.They often sport the time zones for several cities, as pilots would need to be aware of the time in both the departure and arrival city when crossing time zone lines. Most aviator watches also contain a chronograph, or in layman’s terms, a stop watch. This was also an imperative tool when timing flights.

Another attractive feature of aviator watches is their intense durability. Remember, these pieces were used by airplane pilots as early as 1904, when most pilots flew in unenclosed cockpits. These watches would be exposed to extreme atmospheric pressure, moisture, heat, cold, wind, and other intense conditions. In order to withstand these extremes, aviation timepieces were crafted from incredibly tough materials like pure steel and teflon.

While most aviation watches sold today bear little resemblance to the rugged timepieces of old, these watches still carry many of the impressive features used in the originals. There is a wide range of aviation watches on the market,from high-end and hand-crafted, to less delicate, everyday timepieces. These watches are functional yet beautiful, bold but classy, and truly make a statement with every glance at the time.