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The World in Color

Colors are beginning to pop up everywhere. Have you seen them? Take a good look around you and you’ll begin to notice; they’re everywhere!

When Spring comes in, it’s a sure sign that the world is about to become a lot more colorful.

First off, Mother Nature graces us with beautiful tree-lined streets that shower pink petals all over you as you walk. It’s almost like a fairy tale! (If you don’t have allergies, that is. Then those innocent-looking pink buds are basically a full-blown nightmare)

spring trees

New graffiti goes up in the most unexpected places as the weather warms up and people have free time to spend outside. Graffiti is illegal, but you’ve got to admit, sometimes it’s beautifully colorful!


Another sort of artwork you’ll notice if you pay careful attention are the colorful chalk drawings and abandoned hopscotch games displayed on sidewalks everywhere… Aaah the carefree days of summer when you’re a kid…


If you walk into the mall to browse the latest styles in search of an item or two to update your spring wardrobe with, you’ll notice loads of clothes and accessories in soft pastel hues and eye-popping neons. Colorful clothing is a trademark of Spring. After months in black sweaters and boots, throwing some color on is so refreshing and also, an instant mood-booster!

colorful accessories

With all this color inspiration surrounding us, we were inspired to join in and add our own color to the season :)

Check out some of Watches & Beyond‘s colorful watch picks below:

Ice-Watch Classic Solid Polyamide Mens Purple Watch
Ice-Watch Classic Solid Polyamide Mens Purple Watch
Ice-Watch Ice-Forever Mens Yellow Watch
Ice-Watch Ice-Forever Mens Yellow Watch
Corum Admiral's Cup Challenger 44 Titanium Black & Orange Rubber Mens Watch
Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 Titanium Black & Orange Rubber Mens Watch

Top Watch Colors & Meanings

Many factors should be taken into consideration when considering the purchase of a luxury watch. One that is often overlooked is the overall characteristic and attitude that you are looking to convey with the color of your time piece. Today we wanted to take a look at three common colors used in luxury watches to investigate the message they send when worn.

discount luxury watches

Watch Color Options (And The Messages They Send):

Silver: Silver is a common watch color, and for a good reason. The color silver can be seen as a symbol of prestige and wealth. It portrays the wearer as elegant, futuristic, and respectable.

Gold: It should come as no surprise to learn that many high end time pieces are either completely gold or include gold accents. Gold has been used in luxury goods for quite some time. Symbolizing achievement, triumph, and success– it’s easy to see why.  Gold can also be seen as a masculine color, as it was worn by many kings throughout history.

White: White can be seen in many of our women’s discount luxury watch selections. Throughout time, white has been seen as the color or purity and fairness. Encompassing all other colors, white symbolizes balance within.

These three main colors can be found in most luxury watches. When making a decision as related to color, ask yourself what the watch means to you and what you’d like it to portray. Happy shopping!


Black & Gold

Color can convey emotion, powerfully. Each color represents different feelings and rises different emotions in individuals. Today we’d like to take a look at a specific powerhouse color combination which can be seen in some beautiful discount luxury watches via our online store.

The colors we’d like to take a look at? Black and gold.

Black is a very strong color. The color represents all that is hidden, and makes for a strong statement. The color black is an absorption of all other colors, and represents power and control. Black can be seen as an intimidating color.

Gold is another incredibly powerful color. The color gold represents wealth, achievement, victory, love, and compassion. An overall positive color, gold represents and brings out a multitude of admirable traits.

When gold and black are paired together, an enormously strong combination is formed.

Check out this beautiful timepiece by Rado featuring the combination mentioned above:

discount luxury watches


As you can see, the Rado Diastar Anatom Jubile Black Hardmetal & 18kt solid gold Womens Watch brings confidence and success to the table. A color combination much like this one is a smart choice for any executive or person in a powerful position to consider. Color can play a big role in emotion, and should be taken into consideration while deciding which discount luxury watch is best for you.

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