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Going for the Gold

Golden. It’s a simple word with a surprising number of meanings – we know, we checked it up in the dictionary. Our search turned up the obvious meaning: made of gold. But it also turned up some other definitions, definitions people subconsciously associate with the sumptuous metal. Among them are “full of glowing vitality” and “full of happiness, prosperity, or vigor”. Golden connotes “destined for success” and “richly soft and smooth”. It’s no wonder gold-trimmed accessories are the mark of upscale designer brands. Wearing gold, be it in jewelry, handbags or watches, screams luxury and success. Want your appearance to communicate power? Choose one of the following gilded watches to do the talking for you.

Baume & Mercier Classima Executives Mens – MOA08787
Baume & Mercier Classima Executives Mens watch

Condor Chronograph 18k Solid Gold Watch – GS2003
Condor Chronograph 18k Solid Gold Watch

Charmex Le Mans Retrograde Chronograph Rose Gold Plated Steel Mens Watch Day of Week – 2227

Charmex Le Mans Retrograde Chronograph Rose Gold Plated Steel Mens Watch

Be Professional: Get A Concord Watch

concord watchesYoung professionals nowadays are saturating the corporate environment. It seems that day by day, more and more members of the younger generation are taking over the corporate scene – younger CEOs, younger board members and younger executives are being developed each day. This is a worldwide phenomenon.

With their age, these professionals often have a hard time dealing with meeting people outside of their corporation. This is because most people tend to judge on an exterior basis, so if you look young, you might not appear mature. Yes, you are credible inside your company because your colleagues know your strengths. However, how can you leave a first impression of professionalism when meeting with an older person? How will you seem credible?

You can exude an air of credibility with your attire, accessories and behavior. If you are a young professional, you would do well to invest in high-quality blazers and office wear. Make sure to wear ironed clothes. Stay away from wrinkles. Attend personality development seminars. Also, get yourself a fine watch, such as a Concord watch.

For someone like you who is at the starting point of your career, investing in yourself is a smart move. A Concord watch can help you exude maturity and confidence beyond your years.