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Watch Spotlight: The Concord Sportivo Stainless Steel Watch for Men

Concord has been known for designing luxury Swiss watches since the early 1970s. The brand is known for its innovation and creativity, as well as its ability to create timepieces with the practicality of a sport watch and the fabulous aesthetics of a designer watch. The combination of function and originality in Concord watches is brought to life in the Concord Sportivo collection. Watches and Beyond is proud to carry the Concord Sportivo Stainless Steel Watch for Men model 0310369 for 60% off its market value.

The Concord Sportivo Stainless Steel Watch for Men features a genuine black leather strap, a silver dial with 9 diamond hour markers, date display at the 3 o’clock position, and a decorative fluted steel crown. Get a better look at this gorgeous timepiece in the gallery below, and be sure to check out our entire selection of Concord watches by visiting us online at www.WatchesAndBeyond.com.

Watch Spotlight: The Concord Stainless Steel & Diamond Women’s Watch

The Sportivo collection of Concord watches is a unisex collection, offering stylish luxury Swiss watches for men and women. Concord watches have a reputation for providing innovative and creative luxury watches—a reputation since the brand was founded over 100 years ago.

Watches and Beyond is proud to carry the women’s Concord Sportivo Stainless Steel and Diamond, model #0310412. This magnificent timepiece is perfect for any watch collector. It’s practical yet fashionable, with a stainless steel bracelet and a gorgeous Mother-of-Pearl dial with eight diamond markets and silver-tone Arabic numeral markers. Check out the watch in the pictures below, and see our entire selection of Concord watches by visiting us online at www.WatchesAndBeyond.com.

What Customer Service Means to Us

Luxury WatchesWatchesAndBeyond.com has been in the watch and jewelry business for over a decade. Our mission is to offer an innovative way to shop for watches from the convenience of the home or the office. As an internet business, we’re able to save on the overhead costs involved in owning a retail jewelry store, which we are in turn able to pass on to our customers.

We’ve been in business for several years, and in that time, we’ve always worked hard to provide all of our customers with unsurpassed service. Our commitment to such strong customer service, as well as offering a great selection and value of luxury watches including Longines and Concord watches, makes shopping at WatchesAndBeyond.com a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Customer service is, and has always been, our top priority. We service every 100% authentic designer watch sold on our website. Our watch repairmen are very experienced and qualified for warranty repairs available on watches sold through our site.

At Watches And Beyond, we ensure timely delivery of orders. Any item that’s in stock is usually shipped within two business days of collection of payment. Once an order has been shipped, an email will be sent to the customer so he’ll know when to expect his watch.

Visit us online to experience our first rate customer service firsthand at www.WatchesAndBeyond.com.

Concord Watches

La Scala Concord WatchConcord has been designing Swiss watches for over a century. The company was founded in 1902 in Biel, Switzerland. It was acquired by The MGI Luxury Group in the early 1970s when it was relaunched as the dynamic, highly unique brand for a new millennium, laying the foundation for what the brand would eventually become today. “Concord” means harmony, which reflects the smooth and synchronized style of the brand.

Watches and Beyond carries a wide selection of Concord luxury Swiss watches for men and women, including popular styles from the La Scala collection, the Sportivo collection, and the Delirium collection. Concord Delirium Swiss timepieces are visually stunning, available in a sophisticated stainless steel case with a leather strap. The Delirium watch for women has a white dial set with gold tone hand indicators and Roman Numeral hour markers. The Sportivo watch for women is a casually sophisticated sports watch crafted in stainless steel. The Sportivo watch is in a gorgeous Mother-of-Pearl dial with 8 diamond markers and a dazzling diamond bezel. The La Scala men’s watch is a striking statement piece, with a geometric sculpted stainless steel bracelet with contoured steel links.

Visit Watches and Beyond online to find a luxury Swiss watch by Concord to add to your timepiece collection at www.WatchesAndBeyond.com.

Concord Watches for Women

concord watches for womenFall is almost here, and it’s arguably the most fashionable season of the year. It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with fall fashion pieces.

One great way to make a statement this season is with a stylish new watch. Watches & Beyond carries a wide selection of designer timepieces for women. Concord watches for women are classic and sophisticated. They’re versatile enough to go with formal, business attire and casual weekend outfits. All Concord watches are designed to rest elegantly against the wrist. One of our most popular models of Concord watches for women is the Concord La Scala steel watch, which is glamorous and perfectly symmetrical.  The La Scala watch has diamond detailing that perfectly offsets the polished steel band. The dial is made of mother of pearl and is encased in scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Another popular Concord watch is the ultra chic La Tour 14k white gold and diamond luxury watch. With silver-tone Roman numerals, eight diamond time markers, precise Swizz Quartz movement, and a polished square case on a white gold band, this water-resistant watch is fabulous and functional.

Visit Watches & Beyond online at WatchesAndBeyond.com to check out our entire selection of Concord watches for women.

Will Smartphones Replace Watches?

Swiss Army watchesIt seems these days that when you ask people for the time, instead of turning their wrist, they reach into their pocket and grab their phone. There has been a definite rise in smartphone owners over the past few years, but does that mean luxury watches will soon become extinct?

The answer is simply no. There will always be a need for a wristwatch, which has become even more fashion-based over the last few years as well. A watch has always showed off a level of class that a phone simply cannot do. Watches come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It is much easier to accessorize with a watch than with a phone. Also, a watch is a more meaningful gift for somebody than a cell phone. Cell phones are typically replaced within a few years. A great watch can last a lifetime.

Whether it be for a job interview, a first date, or meeting someone new, a good wristwatch will make a big first impression. It is always in clear view, unlike a cell phone which remains in your pocket. You can also easily match a watch with an article of clothing, jewelry, or occasion. A watch is a meaningful accessory that is often passed down for generations. Unlike a phone, a good watch won’t break when you drop it.

Browse our extensive collection to find the next addition to your timepiece collection.

Attire for Your Job Interview

Concord watchesMany members of the newly graduated population have the same dilemma when it comes to job-hunting – exactly what are they supposed to wear during their first ever job interview? They are confused! A lot might say that you should wear a smart yet casual getup, while others will tell you to go with a formal business look.

Actually, people can call it whatever they like, but the usual ensemble for a job interview is a blazer, a professionally-cut top and slacks for a male or a skirt and a button-down shirt for a female. This is already considered common knowledge, yes, but it is also worth a mention. After all, common knowledge is not as common as it was in the past.

The thing that will set you apart from other job hunters is the accessory that you will wear during your job interview. Do you know what this accessory is? Invest in Concord watches for your growth as a professional.

Concord watches are the very emblem of professionalism. They will make you stand out from the others with their fine craftsmanship and elegant demeanor. They make you,  the wearer, seem so much more confident and sophisticated.

With the surge of competitors from around the globe, being seen as worthy of your employer’s time is no easy task.

Go For Watches of the Highest Quality

concord watchesMost of the time, people tend to go for the products with the cheapest prices with the false conception that doing so will save them money. Usually, they do this in times of making big-ticket purchases such as buying houses, condominiums and cars, but other people I know also apply this principle when buying necklaces, rings, gold watches and even bracelets.

Actually, this kind of misconception is what makes people lose a considerable amount of their money in the long run. They just bought the one with the lowest price; they do not really care about that kind of quality the product has.

Here at Watches and Beyond, we consider the customer’s best interest. We do not bother with stocking cheap watches of poor quality! This means that apart from anything else, we aim to give the customers their money’s worth when they purchase our products.

Take for example our Concord watches. These valuable products that we are offering are ideal as a present to a cherished person in your life. With interesting features such as being produced with white gold and then inlaid with diamonds, this is the highest quality your money can buy. As such, you would do well to purchase it.

Go for the gold because you deserve no less.

Be Different – Give an Engagement Watch!

concord watchesBeing engaged can be trying on anyone. Ask anyone who has gone through this monumental life milestone. Women describe it as being treated specially and cherished constantly. Men, on the other hand, usually think of it as a lifetime of pure commitment and fulfillment of promises. These contrasting opinions make for interesting discussions between couples.

Whichever opinion seems more like you, the truth is that you will really maintain your resolve. We still cannot erase this single fact – being engaged is truly a big deal for most people. It simply is a moment for celebration and pure joy!

The general standard for confirming an engagement is through the giving of an engagement ring. Most couples that have been engaged utilize engagement rings to mark this historic milestone of their relationship’s progression because it has been the norm historically. Usual choices for rings are gold rings or diamond rings.

But then, wouldn’t you want your personal development to be a little bit different? Wouldn’t you want to stand out from the crowd and go the extra mile? How about giving gold watches instead of gold rings? How about settling with a diamond watch instead?

Here at Watches and Beyond, we believe that a watch is an indispensable gift for a momentous occasion. Wow your lover with concord watches for her! These concord watches can be also bought in white gold! Elegance and style – what more can you ask for?

Gift Watches – For Him

Logines watchesWatches make wonderful gifts. They symbolize the passing of time, transition and growth. Not to mention the practical purpose they serve telling time and their use as a fashion accessory.

For recent graduates I would suggest something from the Concord watches Geneve collection. These stainless steel watches are versatile, making them a great first watch. They can be worn on interviews, to formal functions, and as everyday watches. They are made of elegant stainless steel with simple faces. Since they are not too flashy they go well with any outfit. The prices hover between $400 and $550 so you won’t break the bank buying a watch for the recent graduate in your life.

If you are watch shopping for the more established man, I would suggest Longines watches. They have a wide variety of styles so you are bound to find something for even the pickiest male in your life. The Master Collection has a toned down, old world charm and is ideal for the man who appreciates the finer things of old. For something with a bit more modern feel I would suggest anything in the Grande Vitesse collection. The Grande Vitesse collection is a bit louder and has more bells and whistles.