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Top Five Time Management Tips

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Some people seem to naturally arrive at every appointment five minutes early, cool and collected, impressive gold watch casually on display. Others can’t seem to arrive within a half hour of the appointed time and always look as though they’ve been running with the bulls. What are some of the secrets of those early arrivers?

  1. Always Know the Time. This may sound flippant, but for those who don’t have an innate sense of time passing, it’s vital to either wear a timepiece or have clocks visible in every work and living space.
  2. Count Backwards from Arrival. This trick has helped so many, and it’s so simple. Start with the time you wish to arrive at a location or do a task. Subtract the amount of time it takes you to travel there (with a generous overage to account for traffic etc). Then continue subtracting how much time it requires for each task you need to do prior to departure until you arrive at the time you need to begin preparing.
  3. Spend Time to Save Time. The most common complaint about keeping a planner or even a digital organizer is that entering tasks takes too long. However, since most routines recur, an hour spent planning the week will ultimately save time once the routine has been established.  
  4. Eliminate the Noise. Both literal noise and metaphorical noise-like distractions reduce your efficiency at completing tasks. When each task takes extra time to complete, your entire schedule can be disrupted. That’s not to say you have to work in silence; just that distractions need to be minimized.
  5. Learn to Say ‘No’: Some find themselves overwhelmed and perpetually behind schedule simply because they have taken on too many obligations. Declining new tasks allows you complete what’s on hand, prioritizing quality over quantity.

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Pre-Holiday Savings on Luxury Watches

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