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Diver Watches: Timepieces of the Sea

46800102 - metal wristwatch is faling and splashing into clear water

Last week, we highlighted the fascinating aviation watch, admiring its durability, style, and multi-functionality. This week, we’re moving from sky to sea, and exploring the design of the lesser-known dive watch, or diver’s watch. These watches are primarily used by professional scuba divers for a variety of purposes: to, obviously, tell time, as well as measure water depth, temperature, and salinity.

The first time dive watches really came into the light was in 1926, when Rolex created the “Oyster” watch. This watch featured a hermetically sealed case, making it the one of the first watches that could be exposed to water for lengthy periods of time. The “Oyster” truly rose to fame when Mercedes Gleitze wore it around his neck while swimming the English Channel. The watch spent over 10 hours in chilly water, but remained functional throughout.

In the professional scuba diving world, there are certain requirements a dive watch must meet before being taken into the water. To name a few:

1-The watch must have VERY visible minute markings on the face

Reason: This ensures that divers remain aware of how long they’ve spent beneath the surface.

2- Adequate readability at at least 9.8 inches in complete darkness

Reason: Most dives don’t take place right at the surface. Divers venture to depths where almost no sunlight penetrates.

3- The watch must have magnetic resistance

Reason: This is to ensure the watch remains accurate despite varying magnetic pulls beneath the water.

4-The timepiece must be shock and chemical resistant.

Reason: Intense conditions at extreme water depths cannot interfere with the accuracy of the piece.

5- An EOL (End of Life) Indicator.

Reason: To ensure that the user never dives with a faulty watch, which can be disastrous and sometimes, fatal.

While these features make dive watches sound inaccessible and intimidating to laymen, these timepieces are actually readily available for purchase and are quite popular. Their multi-functionality appeals to everyone, and their intricate design makes these watches a standout. Browse our collection now and admire the craftsmanship and durability of these fascinating timepieces.