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Happy Holidays! Here’s A Gift For Your Whole List

With Watches and Beyond, it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! Our holiday sales on discount luxury watches need to be seen to be believed. When in doubt, a classy watch is always a perfect gift. Couple our awesome deals with incredibly fast, 24-hour shipping, and you’ve got a holiday deal worth caroling about!

We’ve also taken the liberty of simplifying your holiday shopping even FURTHER with a cultivated list of the perfect gift for everyone on your list. It’s our holiday gift to you!

So feast your eyes on the merriest deals, most joyful selections, and festive offerings of the season with our Holiday Gift Guide:

For the real classy gent in your life, the Longines Conquest Classic Chronograph.

For man longinge








For the timelessly elegant queen of style, the Rado Sintra Jubile

for women rado








For the strapping young lad who has got it all, the Limited Edition Fortis B-42 Black Mars.

for son fortis








For your teenage daughter who is, like, literally the hardest to please, the Swiss Army Classic Alliance Sport.

for daughter victorinox








For your boss, who already owns a Breitling (or two or three), a thoughtful, practical Montegrappa Micra Pen.

for boss pen








For your best bud, who never had typical taste anyway, the Welder by UBoat K32 Oversize Triple Time Zone.

for friend welder








For stocking stuffers, random relatives, or anyone really, because who’s going to say no to a Chopard Classic Racing Gold Plated Luxury Mechanical Pencil?

for misc. mechanical pencil








Thanks for welcoming us into your holiday!  We can’t wait to show you what 2017 has in store…

Happy Holidays from Watches and Beyond!

Which of these magical offerings just made it onto your list?


A Helpful Guide to Father’s Day Gift Giving


Father’s Day is fast approaching and, as much as we love them, dads can be a real challenge to shop for. Watches and Beyond has compiled this guide to make gift giving for dads painless and fun this year.

  • Golf Lessons. The ability to play golf–and play well–is both a hobby and a business skill across a variety of professions. Whether he’s a rookie or a seasoned golfer, it’s never a bad idea to brush up one’s skills on the green.
  • Cufflinks. These versatile accessories aren’t just for formal occasions. In fact, cufflinks are being worn more and more frequently as an accent to an otherwise casual ensemble. Browse our selection of discounted designer cufflinks for the fashionable father in your life.
  • Cologne. Do you know his special brand? Men tend to stick to one cologne–and use a lot of it–so this is one gift that won’t go to waste. Dads will be sure to appreciate this practical and thoughtful present.
  • Grill Tools. Father’s Day is conveniently situated at the peak of barbecue season, and dads can’t wait to fire up the grill. This gift might be put to use as soon as it’s opened if a poolside barbecue is part of your Father’s Day tradition.
  • Novelty Gifts. Engraved coffee mugs and picture frames may seem overdone, but their unique and personal touch never gets old. Give a gift with a message that will let him know just how much you care.
  • Watches. A tried and true staple of every man’s wardrobe, you can’t go wrong gifting a watch for a dad of any age. Watches and Beyond offers a vast selection of discount luxury watches. Browse our selection today!

Whatever the style of the father you’re shopping for this month, something on this list is sure to please! Secure the perfect gift so you can focus on letting your husband, father, grandfather, and any other dads in your life know how valued they are.

Mother’s Day Gifts

You haven’t forgotten, have you? Oh no.

Not to worry. If Mother’s Day just hasn’t appeared on your radar yet, these great gift ideas will take off all that last-minute stress!

1) The classic gift would, of course, be flowers. No surprise there, yet somehow it’s still always nice to receive a bouquet of delicate roses. Your mom will appreciate these, no matter what.


2) A book from her favorite author. You know she likes it. You know she’ll use it. So go for it!


3) A new phone. Well, this one depends on how old your mom is. If she’s somewhat tech savvy and likes to keep up to date with technology, a new phone will be a winner!


4) Makeup. A new Chanel lipstick or shimmery eyeshadow compact will be a great present that any makeup addict would appreciate.


5) A designer watch. You know she’ll absolutely, no-question, love, love, love a gorgeous new watch. And she’ll think of you everyday when she wears it! A watch is such a great investment and a really wonderful gift. Get a great deal on any watch at Watches & Beyond.

Longines Women's Watch

6) Last of all, if you’re really short on cash and even flowers sounds like a no-can-do, why not opt for making her breakfast in bed? Who doesn’t love being pampered anyway? Happy Mothers’ Day :-)


Love Is In The Air

It’s February. We all know what that means. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. “Now’s the time to beat the crowds and choose a gift for your special someone” would be the perfect clincher to get people out and about, spending those dollars. We’re not going there.

Even so, inasmuch as Valentine’s Day can be overhyped, overrated a bit even, it  can be a  great opportunity to express your feelings to the person you love. Some people are great at that sort of thing every day of the year… but for some people, a designated day helps us put those feelings out on the table, wear our hearts on our sleeve, if only for a moment or two.

Valentines Day is the day to reinforce the connection you share with your significant other by showing your affection, be it via love notes, flowers, gifts… whatever you know speaks to your partner.

If you’re considering purchasing a watch for the special day, we’re about to make things much easier for you. You can check out our entire collection of discount designer watches at Watches & Beyond, or see our curated selection below.

Valentino Rose Black PVD Steel Womens Strap Watch Black Diamonds
Valentino Rose Black PVD Steel Womens Strap Watch Black Diamonds
Frederique Constant Heart Beat Automatic Rose Gold Plated Steel Womens Watch
Frederique Constant Heart Beat Automatic Rose Gold Plated Steel Womens Watch
Swiss Army Classic Officer's Chronograph Stainless Steel Mens Strap Watch
Swiss Army Classic Officer’s Chronograph Stainless Steel Mens Strap Watch
Cuervo Y Sobrinos Esplendidos Dual Time Argente Silver & Black Dial Automatic Watch
Cuervo Y Sobrinos Esplendidos Dual Time Argente Silver & Black Dial Automatic Watch


Finding the Right One

Does it exist? Is it really out there somewhere? How will you find it?
The perfect watch for her, that is. You’ve decided that is what you’re gifting her for the holidays. You want it to be something classic, but at the same time unique. A watch that strangers will ooh and aah over as they examine it on her wrist. And you want it within a budget.

Watches and Beyond has an enormous collection of watches for him and her ranging from high-end designers to everyday fashion watches, offered at steep discounts. Browse our collection at watchesandbeyond.com

Searching for the perfect watch is really time consuming. If you look for too long, you’ll become overwhelmed by all the options, until all watches seem to look the same. Not to mention make you want to puke at the thought of them.
So we’ve curated a few watches that are just what you’re searching for.

We think she’ll love these. We know we do!

Frederique Constant Heart Beat Automatic Rose Gold Plated Steel Womens Watch
Frederique Constant Heart Beat Automatic Rose Gold Plated Steel Womens Watch
Longines La Grande Classique Stainless Steel Womens Watch
Longines La Grande Classique Stainless Steel Womens Watch
Philip Stein Signature Teslar SS Watch
Philip Stein Signature Teslar SS Watch
Rado Diastar Anatom Jubile  Womens Watch
Rado Diastar Anatom Jubile Black Hardmetal & 18kt Solid White Gold Womens Watch
Gevril Avenue of Americas Super Mini SS & Diamond Womens Watch
Gevril Avenue of Americas Super Mini SS & Diamond Womens Watch
Bedat No. 2 Stainless Steel & Diamond Womens Watch
Bedat No. 2 Stainless Steel & Diamond Womens Watch



More Than Luxury Watches

As one of the leading providers of discount luxury watches on the internet, it’s easy to forget that the Watches and Beyond online store offers more than just time pieces.

Today we wanted to take a brief look at some additional designer products available for purchase on http://www.watchesandbeyond.com.


An essential to the modern professional, this classic wardrobe accessory embodies a sophisticated air and makes a bold statement. Available in many styles and variations of gold and diamond, one is sure to find the perfect pair by browsing our selection.  Take a look at two examples below. Click on the photos to be taken to the corresponding product pages.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.23.04 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.25.20 PM




Fountain Pens 

Initially designed to minimize the chances of staining clothing, these classic writing utensils now serve as a sophisticated standard used today by calligraphists and those who value stylized written communication. Take a look at a couple examples below. Click on the product photos to be taken to the corresponding page.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.56.57 PM









To view these products as well as a giant selection of beautiful luxury time pieces by makers like Longines and Raymond Weil, head on over to http://www.watchesandbeyond.com.

A Longines Watch for the College-Bound

Longines WatchesCollege these days isn’t quite what we may remember (or at least what John Belushi movies may have us remember). University-bound young adults now have an obligation to adopt professional attitudes the moment they step on campus, and make sure to build networks, gain experience, and seek entrepreneurial opportunities with unwavering zeal.

It sounds like a lot to ask of them. And truth be told, it is. For the most part, the responsibility of preparing a budding adult for such a life lies with the parents. Apart from all the lessons you’ve taught your son or daughter, you’ll want to provide them with something that will remind them that they’re responsible adults.

We can recommend a number of watches for this purpose. A Longines watch will make a new college student feel like a true adult. The La Grande series in particular suits any gender. The Raymond Weil Tango series, meanwhile, has plenty of options for parents on a tighter budget.

Of course, some of us have slightly younger children. There’s no better way to teach kids to be responsible with their belongings than by giving them a watch to take care of. ToyWatch provides a good selection of kids watches as well as trendy watches for teens. Whatever the stage of life your child is entering, it’s never too early for them to learn responsibility.

Choosing the Right Watch for an Anniversary Gift

longines watchThere are quite a few wedding anniversaries coming up in August, and quite a few people looking for gifts. If you’re getting your husband or wife a watch for the special day, don’t just get any watch. You’ve spent quite a bit of time with this person by now, and you’re attuned to their sense of style. Take some time to think about how you’re going to match a watch to their wardrobe.

Is your husband the active type who likes to look as though he’s ready to exercise at all times? The Raymond Weil Tango Chrono SS is sporty but dignified, perfect for those whose youth is still very much in constant supply. If sporty isn’t your partner’s thing, there are options within the same line; the Raymond Weil Tango Two-Tone is a good match for people who prefer to keep the outdoors outdoors.

There are also plenty of options with gold watches. You can go all-out with a gold chain, like the Cartier Ballon Blue, or balance it with something more low-key; Longines watches, like the Flagship Automatic 18k, are exemplary of the appropriate balance a gold watch can strike inside and outside of a formal event. Whether your partner needs one watch for all occasions, or watches for all occasions, you have plenty of options.