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Going for the Gold

Golden. It’s a simple word with a surprising number of meanings – we know, we checked it up in the dictionary. Our search turned up the obvious meaning: made of gold. But it also turned up some other definitions, definitions people subconsciously associate with the sumptuous metal. Among them are “full of glowing vitality” and “full of happiness, prosperity, or vigor”. Golden connotes “destined for success” and “richly soft and smooth”. It’s no wonder gold-trimmed accessories are the mark of upscale designer brands. Wearing gold, be it in jewelry, handbags or watches, screams luxury and success. Want your appearance to communicate power? Choose one of the following gilded watches to do the talking for you.

Baume & Mercier Classima Executives Mens – MOA08787
Baume & Mercier Classima Executives Mens watch

Condor Chronograph 18k Solid Gold Watch – GS2003
Condor Chronograph 18k Solid Gold Watch

Charmex Le Mans Retrograde Chronograph Rose Gold Plated Steel Mens Watch Day of Week – 2227

Charmex Le Mans Retrograde Chronograph Rose Gold Plated Steel Mens Watch

Luxury Watch Theft

goldrubwwaMany people do not realize that a luxury watch is often the target of criminals. The fact that watches are hard to trace and worth a lot of money makes them a prime choice for thieves. Recently in Arlington, VA, a string of thefts have targeted watch stores. In one incident thieves made off with over $600,000 in Rolex watches. In a separate incident, the same gang of criminals nabbed over $128,000 in watches. What can you do to protect your watch?

Taking insurance out on your watch is a good start. Then, should anything happen, you know your watch can be replaced. If possible, engrave your watch. If the criminal who stole your watch is caught committing another crime–thieves tend to be serial criminals–then it will be easier for police to match you to your watch. If you are going to an elegant outing and are donning a luxury watch, consider keeping it in your pocket on the way to and from the destination. Wearing a diamond encrusted, gold watch could inspire an unsavory character to attempt an opportunistic robbery.

A fine watch is a prized and expensive accessory. Taking a few simple steps can ensure no one ever divorces you from your favorite timepiece.

Back to School Watches

gold watchesNow that back to school season is here many parents are prepping their kids for the academic year ahead. This is a particularly rigorous challenge if you are sending your child off to college. On top of the added shopping and logistical issues you may be experiencing a bit of separation anxiety. All you can do is send them off to school and hope they can manage on their own. In this situation a parting gift is also appropriate, but what to get? A luxury watch makes a great gift for a student going off to college.

Considering that they will be wanting to make a good impression at school you should opt for something simple, elegant, versatile and tasteful. Chances are good that this is the first luxury watch they will own and they will be wearing it a lot, to job interviews and meetings with professors. Get something that can easily be matched to many outfits. A plain silver or gold watch is sure to play well.

You can also go a different route and get something a bit more glitzy and celebratory. Although a diamond watch is not necessarily the most practical it certainly is fun way to celebrate graduating high school.

Brighten Your Birthday with a Watch!

gold watchesMost people in today’s world consider birthdays as momentous occasions, which are reasons for celebration, joy and overall fun. A lot of people feel great and suddenly very generous when their birthday comes knocking at their door. They answer their doors with huge smiles on their faces and with open hands.

Those who are attending the birthday celebration are stuck in the dilemma of what specific gift to purchase for the celebrant. Some attend the party because they are close relatives, while others are office acquaintances who attend the celebration out of politeness – these are the people who give you generic gifts. Others who are close friends and close relatives tend to give you meaningful gifts that may not be to your taste.

With the presence of these two types of gift-givers, who do you think will give you the best gift? The answer: none of them. This is because you are your best gift-giver.

For your birthday, give yourself a gold watch  for you ensemble. You will feel like royalty while seeming confident and professional at the same time. You only turn one year older once a year!

If you want a watch that is simple yet elegant, get Longines watches instead. You deserve to feel special and valued. Invest in a luxury item like this that will never run out of style.

 Birthdays should be well-celebrated and thoroughly enjoyed. Treat yourself to a watch now and feel at your best!

Gold Watches by Patek Philippe

gold watchGold is a beautiful and valuable material. Although we see it everywhere there is only enough gold in the world to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools. To put in another way all the gold bricks in the world could only build about 33% of the Washington Monument. The price of gold has been rising for years. You should get your hands on some gold watches before the price of gold climbs again.

A great example of gold watch craftsmanship from Patek Philippe is the Patek Philippe Grand Perpetual Calendar. This watch tells you the time, day, date and lunar phase. It also adjusts for Leap Year.  It has a Swiss automatic self-winding movement. The face is beautifully designed to display a lot of information but be clear and never feel cluttered. This watch is pricey but well worth it.

Patek Philippe Gondolo Platinum & Gold is another beautiful selection from Patek Philippe that features both gold and platinum. I love this watch’s art deco inspired style. The platinum and rose gold look great together. Square watches are in right now, though a piece as beautiful as this is timeless.

Make sure to get your hands on a gold watch before the price of precious metals spikes again!