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Hip and Fashionable Gucci Watches

Gucci WatchesGucci is a brand synonymous with high fashion, though typically the name conjures images of clothing. What is less known is Gucci’s collection of high-end watches. Gucci watches for women are as adventurous and exciting as their clothing. They are not afraid to use bold techniques to create watches that are simply unlike anything else on the market.

The Gucci G-Frame Women’s Watch is a fine example of Gucci craftsmanship. The square face is surrounded by stainless steel and bracketed on the top and bottom by two bars of gold. The strap is a deep brown, textured satin which is a welcome change from the leather straps you see on most watches. At less than $1,300 this watch is a steal!

The Gucci 6800 SS Women’s Bangle Watch is another Gucci watch that defies convention. The strap is made of bamboo in the style of a bangle bracelet. The face is black and stainless steel. It is elegant and minimalistic. The face features no numbers, only a dash at 6 o’clock and the Gucci logo at 12 o’clock. This watch can be had for under $750, making it one the best Gucci watch deals on the market today.