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Gucci Watches

Looking for a unique designer watch to add to your collection? Gucci makes absolutely beautiful timepieces that are definitely worth the investment. Gucci is a fashion house famous for its timeless class and has retained its high-end luxury status since its inception. In fact, according to Forbes, Gucci is the 38th most valuable brand in the world.

Watches and Beyond has an extensive collection of discount ladies’ Gucci timepieces. Know of a woman in your life who could use a fashion pick-me-up? A Gucci watch will be sure to light up her life. Here are some of our top picks:

Gucci G-Rectangle 100 Steel & Diamond Womens Fashion Strap Watch
Gucci G-Rectangle 100 Steel & Diamond Womens Fashion Strap Watch
Gucci Signoria 116 Stainless Steel & Diamond Womens Watch
Gucci Signoria 116 Stainless Steel & Diamond Womens Watch
Gucci Horsebit 103 Steel & Diamond Womens Fashion Bangle Watch MOP Floral Dial
Gucci Horsebit 103 Steel & Diamond Womens Fashion Bangle Watch MOP Floral Dial
Gucci 1500 L Stainless Steel Womens Fashion Bangle Watch
Gucci 1500 L Stainless Steel Womens Fashion Bangle Watch
Gucci 104 Stainless Steel Womens Fashion Watch White/Stone Strap Black Dial
Gucci 104 Stainless Steel Women’s Fashion Watch White/Stone Strap Black Dial

Gift Ideas for the Perplexed

With the holidays coming so soon, gifts for loved ones are on everyone’s minds. There are so many possibilities… how to decide who to give what?

They say the value of the gift isn’t measured in the amount of money you spend, but in the the thought you put into choosing the right item. Nevertheless, hearing that joyfully genuine “I always wanted one of those!” is a great feeling. We’ve compiled a collection of awesome present ideas for all your friends and family.

For the bookworm in your family, and every family has one, why not purchase a kindle fire with a few of his favorite books? Or, if you’re searching for something special for that special someone, perfume is an all-around favorite. It’s one of those luxuries that everyone wants but doesn’t always buy for themselves, making it a totally welcome present!

If you want to go the clothing route, new leather gloves, furry earmuffs, or cashmere sweaters can never go wrong. They bring warmth inside and out!

A gift that can be shared and remembered for years is a wonderful idea. Buy tickets to a Broadway show for yourself and a loved one. Or give yourself and your overworked co-worker a rejuvenating day at the spa!

The last idea and perhaps most universally appreciated present you can give anyone is a designer watch. Who wouldn’t love a new watch? Many people like their watches enough not to splurge on a new one themselves, but would jump at the chance to get a new one if someone else bought it for them.

You can find beautiful designer watches at amazing prices at watchesandbeyond.com

Below are a few sample watches from our collection for everyone on your list:

gucci watchvalentino ladies' watchswiss army gold chrono watchBaume & Mercier men's watch


Hope this helped you choose your presents well! Remember that it really IS the thought that counts!

Fall Into Style: Top Autumn Picks

The leaves are changing colors and the air is getting more crisp and cool by the day. As the seasons change, our wardrobes do too. Today we’d like to take a look at some beautiful, perfect-for-autumn luxury timepieces:

Gucci G-Frame Square 18kt Gold Womens Watch:

discount luxury watches This watch features a classic design by Gucci brought out beautifully in fall-themed colors. The brown and yellow hues make for a sleek and classy way to transition into Fall!

Next, a selection for him:

The Charmex Monte Carlo Rose Gold Plated Steel Mens Watch is absolutely a watch to take note of if you’re on the market for a new timepiece but don’t want to break the bank. The rose gold plated head paired with bold roman numerals really give this piece a timeless touch.

For those looking to expand their watch collection this season, shopping with Watches and Beyond can provide you not only with top-notch luxury timepieces, but crazy discounts you won’t find at any other dealer or website.

To shop discount luxury watches today, simply head on over to http://www.watchesandbeyond.com. You can shop by brand, style, gender, and perhaps the most important option, price.



The Gucci G-Timeless

Not many brands carry a strong name throughout more than one sector of an industry. This, though, cannot be said about Gucci. Gucci is an Italian brand which is owned by the French company Kering. Gucci was founded in 1921 in Florence by a man named Guccio Gucci. The company initially made high-end leather goods and other fashion products, which is still what many recognize first when hearing the brand’s name. IUt wasn’t until the 1970s when the company began to produce watches, jewelry, eye wear, and ties. Since that point they have been renowned for making all products available and carry a classy and desirable reputation to date.

Today we’d like to take a look at the Gucci G-Timeless, one of their discount luxury watches we carry via our online store at http://www.watchesandbeyond.com. The Gucci G-Timeless features beautiful design and a very masculine color scheme. With an almost military like appearance, this piece is perfect for the more rugged man and will work well with most outfit selections. Take a look at the piece below:

discount luxury watches


As you can see this is a very good looking time piece, and would make a good personal purchase as well as a gift. Right now you can purchase the Gucci G-Timeless in black via Watches and Beyond for just $815. That’s a steal compared to it’s going price of $1,250.

New Arrivals

gold watches

Those looking for fine watches know that a watch is much more than just a timepiece, it is show of style and fashion. Watches and Beyond provides customers with the stunning gold watches that they are looking for, and they have announced some new arrivals that watch lovers will be happy to see.

Styles of the new arrivals

There are a range of different styles of materials used to develop these new arrivals. The popular Longine watches come in styles for both men and women. There are also a variety of other name brands offered at the shop, including Bedat, Baume & Mercier, and Ebel Beluga. There are gold watches, silver watches, watches with a band, pocket watches and more. There are luxurious diamond watches along with limited and special edition watches and related items throughout the shop. Each of the watches has been crafted with the highest degree of precision and excellence to create a piece that owners will be proud to display. Watches and Beyond also offers each watch to customers with a wonderful sale price that will make it easier for people to invest in these classic, stylish pieces.

How Watches and Beyond helps customers

Watches and Beyond works to provide customer with the highest degree of customer service, offering watches at prices that do not include many of the fees associated with retail shopping. The online store was founded with over a decade of jewelry experience, so customers can trust that the watches have been properly handled at all times.

Those interested in investing in some of the finest watches available should come explore the new arrivals at Watches and Beyond. The value and craftsmanship of the timepieces will astound even the most seasoned of buyers. Come and look around today.

The Watch Makes the Man

gold watches In the same way that women judge other women by the shoes that they wear, men are judged by the watches that they wear. A fine watch on the wrist of a well-dressed man distinguishes him as a man of good taste and success. Wearing a luxury watch is the best way for a successful man to show off his wealth and stature in the community in an understated, elegant way.

One such watch is the Gucci 101M Chronograph SS men’s watch. This stainless steel timepiece is elegant and subdued, yet makes a statement of sophistication and good taste. The best men’s wristwatches have something special under the hood and this piece is a fine example, as it’s waterproof up to 100 feet.

Men have an opportunity to show add touch of class to every day with the addition of a quality luxury watch. When an investment is made in this item of jewelry, the piece can be considered a family heirloom. The memories that are created as a young son plays with his father’s watch, pretending that he is all grown up and going to the office, or a wife who lovingly polishes her husband’s watch and places it carefully back in its case while her husband plays golf on the weekend. These are the times when the watch will be remembered, to be cherished forever as a an extension of the man who wears it.

Whether a man is wearing gold watches or silver, pride of ownership and confidence are empowered by a fine watch on the wrist of a man. There is no better time to invest in a luxury watch today.


Hip and Fashionable Gucci Watches

Gucci WatchesGucci is a brand synonymous with high fashion, though typically the name conjures images of clothing. What is less known is Gucci’s collection of high-end watches. Gucci watches for women are as adventurous and exciting as their clothing. They are not afraid to use bold techniques to create watches that are simply unlike anything else on the market.

The Gucci G-Frame Women’s Watch is a fine example of Gucci craftsmanship. The square face is surrounded by stainless steel and bracketed on the top and bottom by two bars of gold. The strap is a deep brown, textured satin which is a welcome change from the leather straps you see on most watches. At less than $1,300 this watch is a steal!

The Gucci 6800 SS Women’s Bangle Watch is another Gucci watch that defies convention. The strap is made of bamboo in the style of a bangle bracelet. The face is black and stainless steel. It is elegant and minimalistic. The face features no numbers, only a dash at 6 o’clock and the Gucci logo at 12 o’clock. This watch can be had for under $750, making it one the best Gucci watch deals on the market today.

High Fashion Watches by Gucci

goldguFew brands names have as much clout in the fashion world as Gucci. Although better known for their apparel, Gucci also makes fashionable watches for men and women. If you are a fan of the apparel then you will love the watches!

Gucci watches for men range from around $650 to $1,600. They all feature stainless steel cases, with either matching straps or leather. Currently our Gucci G-Timeless Chronograph Watch is on sale. This elegant Gucci watch features a silvery, stainless steel exterior with a black face. The face contains 3 subdials and features the iconic Gucci logo under 12 o’clock.

We carry a large selection of Gucci watches for women. Many Gucci watches for women feature embellishments like crystals and bracelet chains. If you prefer to wear a bracelet over a watch, Gucci will allow you to do both. Gucci watches for women fall into the same general price range as those for men, but the average watch tends to be slightly more expensive. Many of our Gucci watches for women are currently on sale, which is good news for your wallet!

Remember that at WatchesAndBeyond.com you can sort by brand so you can see all these Gucci watches and more.

Watches for Special Occasions

Gucci watchesAlthough jewelry is the go to gift for anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions; watches can also serve this function. Watches, for men and women, offer the beauty of jewelry with the functionality of a timpiece. Many pieces blur the line between fine watches and fine jewelry.

Take the Gucci 112 Twirl SS Bangle Womens Watch. This fine watch features a design similar to that of a cuff bracelet. It also has diamonds and the distinctive Gucci logo. It is a watch that can easily be worn like a piece of jewelry. The Gucci Signoria 116 Mini PVD & 18k Gold is another watch that eschews traditional watch design for a more elegant, jewelry like aesthetic. Both these Gucci watches make excellent gifts and are sure to be hits with fans of fine jewelry.

For men I would suggest the Gucci 111 Dual Time SS Mens Watch. This watch is ornate without being feminine or flashy. This sophisticated piece is great for a night on the tone or can be worn in an office environment. It makes a wonderful gift for an anniversary or other special occasion.

Although these Gucci watches feature a high purchase price, they are high quality and built to last.

Gucci Watches, Sleek and Stylish

So often trying to pick out a beautiful watch that looks good and is well designed but also has an air of originality to it leads to overly flashy designs, unpractical and encrusted with too much bling for the human eye to handle. Luckily many watch designers and brands have noticed this trend and have gone in the opposite direction. They make sure to incorporate some subtle precious stones and some fancy design in a way that does not overwhelm.

Gucci watches have become somewhat expert at this balancing act, finding fresh designs that never look to distract from the simplicity of a watch in general. The Gucci 117 Horsebit Women’s Watch pictured here is a great example. It’s sleek black color and plain face make it look subtle and refined. It’s diamond adorned framing remind the wearer of it’s implicate value. The whole piece is tied together beautifully by a snake leather strap that wears comfortably.

The watch is currently being offered at a steep 30% discount, great for gift buying for the holiday season. There are plenty of other Gucci watches to choose from as well, for men and women. It is the sort of purchase no one could regret.