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Going for the Gold

Golden. It’s a simple word with a surprising number of meanings – we know, we checked it up in the dictionary. Our search turned up the obvious meaning: made of gold. But it also turned up some other definitions, definitions people subconsciously associate with the sumptuous metal. Among them are “full of glowing vitality” and “full of happiness, prosperity, or vigor”. Golden connotes “destined for success” and “richly soft and smooth”. It’s no wonder gold-trimmed accessories are the mark of upscale designer brands. Wearing gold, be it in jewelry, handbags or watches, screams luxury and success. Want your appearance to communicate power? Choose one of the following gilded watches to do the talking for you.

Baume & Mercier Classima Executives Mens – MOA08787
Baume & Mercier Classima Executives Mens watch

Condor Chronograph 18k Solid Gold Watch – GS2003
Condor Chronograph 18k Solid Gold Watch

Charmex Le Mans Retrograde Chronograph Rose Gold Plated Steel Mens Watch Day of Week – 2227

Charmex Le Mans Retrograde Chronograph Rose Gold Plated Steel Mens Watch

Attire for Your Job Interview

Concord watchesMany members of the newly graduated population have the same dilemma when it comes to job-hunting – exactly what are they supposed to wear during their first ever job interview? They are confused! A lot might say that you should wear a smart yet casual getup, while others will tell you to go with a formal business look.

Actually, people can call it whatever they like, but the usual ensemble for a job interview is a blazer, a professionally-cut top and slacks for a male or a skirt and a button-down shirt for a female. This is already considered common knowledge, yes, but it is also worth a mention. After all, common knowledge is not as common as it was in the past.

The thing that will set you apart from other job hunters is the accessory that you will wear during your job interview. Do you know what this accessory is? Invest in Concord watches for your growth as a professional.

Concord watches are the very emblem of professionalism. They will make you stand out from the others with their fine craftsmanship and elegant demeanor. They make you,  the wearer, seem so much more confident and sophisticated.

With the surge of competitors from around the globe, being seen as worthy of your employer’s time is no easy task.