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Blue is for Beach

Memorial Day weekend is here, which means the kick off of beach season.  Now is the time to sit back under the sun and relish in the glory of the summer months. While it’s important to keep your watch away from water and sand, blue tones can carry the feel of the beach from wherever you are.

When it comes to a blue watch for the summer, it’s important to keep it as light and airy as possible. Here are some options that we love.


This color blue is great to wear against a bright yellow bathing suit. Just watch out and be sure you don’t get sand or water in your watch.  Watch care is highly important at the beach. Always keep your watch tucked away in a safe place.


This watch would be great with a flowing white dress. We’re imagining something you can dance and swirl around in.


This watch is a bit bulkier and better suited for a shorts and t-shirt style. Perfect for nights spent walking around, enjoying the breeze.


Longines Watches for Women’s Business Attire

Longines WatchesEarlier this month we talked about the indispensable watch-and-suit combo. The suit is a men’s classic, but many of the same rules apply to women’s attire!

Business attire has evolved quite a bit over the years–and for women’s attire, that’s an understatement. Fortunately, so have watches. Longines watches in particular have a long legacy–nearly two hundred years’ worth, in fact–from which to draw and match any style. In fact, those of a mind to disregard gender delineations entirely will find the Longines La Grande perfectly suited to that end. Its classically simple face can match any straightforward, professional attire. Its straightforward, businesslike design demands the respect signified by its two-tone gold and silver, regardless of the person wearing it.

Alternatively, the Longines PrimaLuna’s strength lies in its relaxed versatility. The thin silver strap is just as at home dangling on a bare wrist as it is peaking out from a starched sleeve. Its somewhat busier face is less austere than the La Grande, with its slim Roman numerals.

And as we previously mentioned, the Dolce Vita collection is a perfect complement to any professional outfit, and many of the watches in the Dolce Vita line are made for both men and women. Ultimately, your own sense of style is the defining factor you should consider as you search for the perfect timepiece.