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New Arrivals

gold watches

Those looking for fine watches know that a watch is much more than just a timepiece, it is show of style and fashion. Watches and Beyond provides customers with the stunning gold watches that they are looking for, and they have announced some new arrivals that watch lovers will be happy to see.

Styles of the new arrivals

There are a range of different styles of materials used to develop these new arrivals. The popular Longine watches come in styles for both men and women. There are also a variety of other name brands offered at the shop, including Bedat, Baume & Mercier, and Ebel Beluga. There are gold watches, silver watches, watches with a band, pocket watches and more. There are luxurious diamond watches along with limited and special edition watches and related items throughout the shop. Each of the watches has been crafted with the highest degree of precision and excellence to create a piece that owners will be proud to display. Watches and Beyond also offers each watch to customers with a wonderful sale price that will make it easier for people to invest in these classic, stylish pieces.

How Watches and Beyond helps customers

Watches and Beyond works to provide customer with the highest degree of customer service, offering watches at prices that do not include many of the fees associated with retail shopping. The online store was founded with over a decade of jewelry experience, so customers can trust that the watches have been properly handled at all times.

Those interested in investing in some of the finest watches available should come explore the new arrivals at Watches and Beyond. The value and craftsmanship of the timepieces will astound even the most seasoned of buyers. Come and look around today.

Cuff Links

Wearing a formal suit, shirt and tie often requires the use of cuff links to keep the cuffs and sleeves contained. Although a variety of cuff links are available, the best options are not always obvious. Fortunately, certain brands and options make it easy to find a pair of cuff links that is appropriate for the shirt, suit and personal preferences.

Simple Designs

When it is hard to determine the best option for an outfit, a simple gold design is usually appropriate. A variety of Raymond Weil Tango cuff links are available in various styles, but a simple gold knot or rectangle is always classy and comfortable.

Simple cuff link designs do not always have diamond features or they have very few diamonds. As a result, they look appropriate with almost any suit and shirt, regardless of color and style.

Diamond Accents

For more formal events, cuff links that have diamond accents are always appropriate. Since diamonds are a white stone, they match most suits and shirts without drawing undue attention. Furthermore, the designs of the accents can vary, which provides a variety of ways to wear cuff links without seeing the same design every day.

Use caution while selecting cuff links with a diamond accent to ensure that it is appropriate for the occasion. Opt for more subdued patterns if the occasion is very formal or if it’s hard to determine the appropriate design for the shirt. If yellow gold doesn’t look appropriate with the shirt, then opt for a white gold set of cuff links to improve the appearance.

Finding the right cuff links can seem challenging, but a variety of options are available and some of the options are very simple. The elegant and simple designs make cuff links appropriate for any suit or formal outfit.

Family Heirlooms

It’s not uncommon for men and women to pass down heirlooms to children. The problem is finding the perfect item that will appeal to personal styles and will make an excellent heirloom to pass down to future generations. Finding an heirloom watch to pass down, to a son or daughter, requires a few key factors that make it appropriate for the future.

Focus on Brand

When it comes to a watch that will last for generations and will appeal to adult children in the future, a high-quality and well-known brand is a good choice. The top brands to consider are companies that have been around for several years and have an excellent reputation. Longines, for example, has been around for generations.

Select Classic Styles

A longines watch that will carry forward into the future must have a style that will still look great in 50 years.

Opt for classic and conservatives styles, regardless of the current trends and fashionable colors. By selecting a classic style that has a conservative color scheme the watch will still be appropriate several years into the future. A trendy watch may not be fashionable or even appealing after a few years, which prevents it from being an appropriate heirloom.

Buy the Best Available

Although style and the brand are important, the quality of a watch is essential when it comes to heirloom pieces. Opt for the best watch within a personal price range so that it will last and can be worn by an adult child in the future.

Traditional heirlooms are not limited to basic jewelry and furniture. A time piece can become a great heirloom to pass on to children as long as it is selected with care. The key factors to finding the right heirloom-quality watch must focus on quality and conservative styles to ensure that it will last for years.

Watches as a Status Symbol

Ever since they were invented, watches have been recognized as a status symbol. To afford even the most modest of timepieces, it once took a king’s purse. In 1750, if someone pulled a pocket watch out, then you knew they were someone important. Today, the situation hasn’t changed much except that pocket watches, for the most part, have been replaced by wrist watches. But only those that exude complexity, quality, and design are seen as truly luxury and not just mass produced.

While it may not be necessary to don an upper range timepiece, at least not from a technological perspective, it does say a lot about the person wearing it. A person’s taste, their level of education, social position, and even wealth can be determined simply by looking at the watch they wear. For many individuals in social contexts, the right watch can make a great impression. Every watch has an intended purpose and knowing which watch says what about you is important.

In business, for example, gold watches from world renowned watchmakers such as Rolex and Patek, both with high price tags but not overly extravagant, relay the message that you’re doing well but know how to manage your finances.

Then there are those people in what is called the “leisure class;” individuals who are wealthy enough to take vacations or time off when they want and don’t necessarily dress in formal attire. Rolex, again, is one of those watches that exudes wealth and class without drawing an inordinate amount of attention.

Watch snobs are probably the most difficult to impress. Producing their movements in-house, in addition to dials, many of their cases, and other components, the Swiss Jaeger-LeCoultre is sure to gain approval.


Changing A Quartz Watch Battery

longine watches When the second hand on your quartz watch starts moving in two second steps or jumping forward erratically, it means the battery is dying.

Consult your user manual to see which type of battery you need. If you no longer have the manual, you can figure out the right type of battery using the quartz movement.

If you have a brand name Raymond Weil Tango or Longine watch, make sure that you order a new battery with a quality brand name as well. Generic batteries usually aren’t as good.

Grab a paperclip and open the watch’s bracelet by pushing the spring bar.

Whether you have gold watches, Longine watches, or any other type of watches, a small screw driver is all you need to open the watch’s case. Hold the tool steady as a small slip could create a scratch on the back of the case.

Once the case is open, try not to touch the anything with your fingers as the oils can create damage on anything from a Longines watch to a Raymond Weil Tango watch. If possible, don’t touch the copper coils at all, even with your tools.

Gently pull the battery out from under its metal clip. Avoid using excessive force as it could bend the metal.

Remove the new battery from its packaging. Use rubber tweezers or gloves while handling it. Fingers are too oily, and metal tweezers can cause scratches.

Slip in the new battery, replace the case, close the bracelet, and the watch is ready to go.

Cleaning Your Luxury Watch

Longines WatchesHaving a luxury watch such as a Longines watch adds style and class to your everyday wardrobe. Ensuring your investment remains in working order involves keeping it as clean as possible. Read below on how to properly clean a Longines luxury watch:

If you can take your watch apart, meaning removing the strap from the face, then doing so will help you have more success when cleaning the watch. However, if you are unsure how to take your watch apart or if you are fearful you will damage the watch, then don’t try to disassemble the watch.

Cleaning a finished leather watch strap:

1. Wipe the watch strap with a dry cloth. A soft cotton cloth or micro fiber jewelry cloth is ideal for this step. The idea is removing any dirt or moisture from the strap before continuing in your cleaning regimen.
2. Scrub the leather band with soap and water using a damp cloth. Never use a wet cloth or immerse the leather in water as this could damage the strap. To complete this step, place a small amount of mild hand soap on a cloth and scrub both sides of the watchband. Then, rinse and dampen the cloth with clean water and wipe the band once again. Dry the band completely with a dry cloth then allow to air dry completely before wearing. To clean an unfinished leather watchband, use saddle soap instead of hand soap.
3. In addition to using the steps above, condition the watchband with leather conditioner. This will keep the strap moist and thus prolong the life your watch’s wristband.

Cleaning the face of your watch:

As mentioned above, it is important to avoid contact with your leather watchband when cleaning your watch face, so remove the straps if possible.

1. Select the proper cleaning solution. If your watch is only slightly soiled, cleaning the face with a mild detergent and damp cloth will likely suffice. If your watch face has gemstones or other precious metals, use commercial grade jewelry cleaner or rubbing alcohol to clean your watch face.
2. Use your chosen cleaner and wipe the watch face with a damp cloth in a circular motion. If using a detergent, make sure to remove any detergent film by rinsing with a cloth. Dry the cloth with a dry, soft cloth. Again, rub in a circular motion to avoid scratching the face.
3. Reassemble your watch. Once you have cleaned the straps and the face of your watch and they have dried, you can reassemble your watch and begin wearing it once again. If you have any doubts about the material you are using or the cleaning solution, call your watch’s manufacturer to ensure you do not use a harmful substance. If you are still concerned, take you watch to a reputable jeweler to have the job completed.

Longine Watches to Track Time

Time flows on endlessly, a continual stream of actions, happenings and events. You can’t control it, even if you laid in bed all day time would still flow on around you, the way a river carries a log downstream.

longine watchesIs it better to forget about time or know what you are doing with it? Ancient peoples all had their own way of counting the days and years. The Julian calendar was implemented by Julius Caesar and the Gregorian calendar came into existence as a result of fixing feast days such as Easter as well as the vernal equinox to a specific date.  Eudoxus, a student of Plato, had correctly determined the calendar to be 365 1/4 days long, which the Egyptians had long been using. Caesar wanted to create a more perfect calendar, to obviate the one day drift every four years.

When you forget about time, when you don’t wear gold watches or Longine watches, it’s easy to let the days slip by. That’s why prisoners tally days, in the same way we want to know what time we wake.

So take after Caesar and invest in Longine watches to better keep track of time. Who knows, one day you could wind up ruling an empire.