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Understanding How Watches Keep Time


The mechanics of watches boasts a history of sophistication. Even the most primitive timekeeping technology–the sundial–was an ingenious invention for its time, requiring clever application of astronomy and mathematics. Today’s wristwatches are a vast departure from the sundial; they are personal, portable, and as much a fashion statement as a functional time keeper.

Understanding the design and mechanics behind a watch’s movements brings a deeper appreciation for its elegance. There are several designs for watch mechanics, and some of the most common are described below.

  • Digital. One of the most straightforward watch designs, digital watches typically run on battery power and project–in numerals–the current time based on input from an internal “counter” mechanism.
  • Mechanical. In mechanical watches, energy is derived from the physical winding of a lever on the watch itself. This energy is dispersed through a series of interconnected wheels and channeled through a controlling mechanism to move the second, minute, and hour hands according to a preset pattern.
  • Automatic Mechanical. This is similar to the original mechanical design, except the watch’s energy is gathered from natural movements by the wearer of the watch that result from walking and moving one’s hand, instead of from deliberately cranking a lever.
  • Quartz. This design harnesses the natural low-current electrical impulse that results when pressure is applied to crystal quartz. The movements of the small crystal quartz within the watch trigger the hands to move according to a preset pattern.

Most luxury watch brands, such as Cartier and Longine watches, utilize the automatic mechanical technology. When shopping for your next timepiece, consider the mechanics of its design, as this is an integral component of your watch’s character.

Cuff Links

Wearing a formal suit, shirt and tie often requires the use of cuff links to keep the cuffs and sleeves contained. Although a variety of cuff links are available, the best options are not always obvious. Fortunately, certain brands and options make it easy to find a pair of cuff links that is appropriate for the shirt, suit and personal preferences.

Simple Designs

When it is hard to determine the best option for an outfit, a simple gold design is usually appropriate. A variety of Raymond Weil Tango cuff links are available in various styles, but a simple gold knot or rectangle is always classy and comfortable.

Simple cuff link designs do not always have diamond features or they have very few diamonds. As a result, they look appropriate with almost any suit and shirt, regardless of color and style.

Diamond Accents

For more formal events, cuff links that have diamond accents are always appropriate. Since diamonds are a white stone, they match most suits and shirts without drawing undue attention. Furthermore, the designs of the accents can vary, which provides a variety of ways to wear cuff links without seeing the same design every day.

Use caution while selecting cuff links with a diamond accent to ensure that it is appropriate for the occasion. Opt for more subdued patterns if the occasion is very formal or if it’s hard to determine the appropriate design for the shirt. If yellow gold doesn’t look appropriate with the shirt, then opt for a white gold set of cuff links to improve the appearance.

Finding the right cuff links can seem challenging, but a variety of options are available and some of the options are very simple. The elegant and simple designs make cuff links appropriate for any suit or formal outfit.

Family Heirlooms

It’s not uncommon for men and women to pass down heirlooms to children. The problem is finding the perfect item that will appeal to personal styles and will make an excellent heirloom to pass down to future generations. Finding an heirloom watch to pass down, to a son or daughter, requires a few key factors that make it appropriate for the future.

Focus on Brand

When it comes to a watch that will last for generations and will appeal to adult children in the future, a high-quality and well-known brand is a good choice. The top brands to consider are companies that have been around for several years and have an excellent reputation. Longines, for example, has been around for generations.

Select Classic Styles

A longines watch that will carry forward into the future must have a style that will still look great in 50 years.

Opt for classic and conservatives styles, regardless of the current trends and fashionable colors. By selecting a classic style that has a conservative color scheme the watch will still be appropriate several years into the future. A trendy watch may not be fashionable or even appealing after a few years, which prevents it from being an appropriate heirloom.

Buy the Best Available

Although style and the brand are important, the quality of a watch is essential when it comes to heirloom pieces. Opt for the best watch within a personal price range so that it will last and can be worn by an adult child in the future.

Traditional heirlooms are not limited to basic jewelry and furniture. A time piece can become a great heirloom to pass on to children as long as it is selected with care. The key factors to finding the right heirloom-quality watch must focus on quality and conservative styles to ensure that it will last for years.

Watches as a Status Symbol

Ever since they were invented, watches have been recognized as a status symbol. To afford even the most modest of timepieces, it once took a king’s purse. In 1750, if someone pulled a pocket watch out, then you knew they were someone important. Today, the situation hasn’t changed much except that pocket watches, for the most part, have been replaced by wrist watches. But only those that exude complexity, quality, and design are seen as truly luxury and not just mass produced.

While it may not be necessary to don an upper range timepiece, at least not from a technological perspective, it does say a lot about the person wearing it. A person’s taste, their level of education, social position, and even wealth can be determined simply by looking at the watch they wear. For many individuals in social contexts, the right watch can make a great impression. Every watch has an intended purpose and knowing which watch says what about you is important.

In business, for example, gold watches from world renowned watchmakers such as Rolex and Patek, both with high price tags but not overly extravagant, relay the message that you’re doing well but know how to manage your finances.

Then there are those people in what is called the “leisure class;” individuals who are wealthy enough to take vacations or time off when they want and don’t necessarily dress in formal attire. Rolex, again, is one of those watches that exudes wealth and class without drawing an inordinate amount of attention.

Watch snobs are probably the most difficult to impress. Producing their movements in-house, in addition to dials, many of their cases, and other components, the Swiss Jaeger-LeCoultre is sure to gain approval.


A Longines Watch for the College-Bound

Longines WatchesCollege these days isn’t quite what we may remember (or at least what John Belushi movies may have us remember). University-bound young adults now have an obligation to adopt professional attitudes the moment they step on campus, and make sure to build networks, gain experience, and seek entrepreneurial opportunities with unwavering zeal.

It sounds like a lot to ask of them. And truth be told, it is. For the most part, the responsibility of preparing a budding adult for such a life lies with the parents. Apart from all the lessons you’ve taught your son or daughter, you’ll want to provide them with something that will remind them that they’re responsible adults.

We can recommend a number of watches for this purpose. A Longines watch will make a new college student feel like a true adult. The La Grande series in particular suits any gender. The Raymond Weil Tango series, meanwhile, has plenty of options for parents on a tighter budget.

Of course, some of us have slightly younger children. There’s no better way to teach kids to be responsible with their belongings than by giving them a watch to take care of. ToyWatch provides a good selection of kids watches as well as trendy watches for teens. Whatever the stage of life your child is entering, it’s never too early for them to learn responsibility.

Longines Watches To Wear with a Suit

Longines WatchesFor men, a suit is the be-all and end-all of high style. A suit never goes out of fashion, and you would be hard pressed to find a successful man who doesn’t have at least a few sitting in his closet. A suit, however, is something of a blank canvas. Sure, it looks great, but you also need to account for your shoes, tie, cuffs, belt and watch. These are what transform a suit from generic to extraordinary. Let’s take a look at some watch styles that really pop with a suit.

For sleek and simple elegance to complement a black suit and tie, choose a Longines watch from the Master collection. These large stainless steel watches stand out next to a black suit. The face has a lot of detail which contrasts nicely with the black and white of the jacket and shirt. This masculine accessory will cost you about $4,000.

When wearing a more casual suit, go with a Longines watch from the Dolce Vita collection. These fun yet fancy watches add a splash of glitz to grey or blue suits. Gold is the way to go if you want to be flashy. The stainless steel Dolce Vita watches are a bit more understated but still a noticeable accesory.

Diver Watches for Summer Fun

longdivSpring is just around the corner, so your first trip to the beach is not far off. Many people wonder if their watch is suitable for a day of surf and sand. You will need to check your watch’s instructions to see just how resilient to water your timepiece is. Typically, a more ornate watch does not belong at the beach. Diver watches, however, are designed to be the epitome of style while also being ideal for exposure to the elements. Many luxury watch brands create diver-style watches.

The men’s Longines Legend Diver Automatic 18k Rose Gold watch is ideal for boating, swimming and other activities on the water. What makes this watch stand out is its elegance. It is rugged, but it doesn’t look the part. You could wear this watch to go sailing and not have to change if you decide to grab a bite at the yacht club. It is waterproof and can withstand up to 1,000 feet of submersion. This is a terrific Longines watch for the aquatically inclined.

Cartier’s Pasha Seatimer collection and Ulysse Nardin Diver Chrono collection are two more wonderful examples of diver-style watches. They come in a host of fashions and colors. The one thing they have in common? They love the water as much as you do!

Exceptional Diamond Watches

gold watchesIt is the time of year to pull out all the stops. If you have been meaning to show someone you care and are appreciative of what they do for you, there is no better opportunity than the holidays. A top notch holiday gift could be the grand gesture you are looking for. Diamond watches and gold watches are one way you can make this holiday season very memorable for someone you love.

Take the Bedat No. 2 Stainless Steel & Diamond Women’s Watch, for example. This elegant and sophisticated watch packs a total of .52 carats of diamonds, expertly set around the face. It is available right now for $3,495, marked down from $4,960, and makes the perfect holiday gift for women who prefer a bit of sparkle in their jewelry.

Another excellent choice is the Longines PrimaLuna Automatic 18kt Gold & Diamond Watch. This beautiful, gold Longines watch has .403 carats of diamonds and a yellow gold case and bracelet. Each diamond is hand selected and polished by the Longines Company to complement the watch perfectly. The PrimaLuna is being offered at a special price of $12,355, marked down from $17,650.

Take advantage of these excellent deals on superb watches. You may not get another chance to show how much you care!

What Does a Gold Watch Say About Me?

A lot of people might ask, “Are gold watches old fashioned? Presumptuous? Gaudy?” For all of human history, gold has been the standard of wealth and often power. Sought after, fought over, and finally passed by in favor of digital accounting of wealth, gold as a medium of the well-to-do has never gone out of style. For watches in particular, gold is an indispensable material.

Gold is one of the rarest metals in the universe, coming into existence through the heat and compression of an exploding star. It does not rust, it usually appears pure in natural veins, and it does not dissolve, except with powerful agents like aqua regia or hydrochloric acid. Whether it is a Longines watch or a Raymond Weil Tango, gold is more than bling–its malleability and ductility are ideal for the minute ticks of a watch movement. Even digital watches use gold, since it is a highly conductive, non-toxic, non-corrosive material. One of the most famous uses for gold was in the electrical wiring of the Manhattan Project’s first atomic weapons.

In the cult classic Pulp Fiction, the gold watch was a symbol of a man’s devotion to his father and grandfather’s legacy, despite the hardship of ages–a lasting image of gold’s worth, immortal value, and unique position in humanity’s cultural legacy.

Spring Watches for Women

fine watchesSpring is a time when more light and colorful garb enters your wardrobe. If you are shelving the heavy boots and jackets and unpacking the tank tops and skirts you are going to need a few new watches to go with your spring look. Spring is a great time to add watches with a bit of color to your collection.

If you still prefer to dress relatively conservatively for spring I would suggest the Longines Dolce Vita Mini SS Womens Watch. This Longines watch sports a steel band with a opalescent, pink face. Its good because it has some color but not too much. You can still wear it to work or to otherwise formal functions. The diamond heart at the 12 o’clock mark is also a nice touch.

For something a bit more sporty for weekend wear I would suggest the Tag Heuer Professional Sports Ergonomic Pink Silicon Womens Watch. This fine watch has a pink face and pink band so it looks great with floral printed dresses, colorful tops, and other spring gear. Not to mention it has a silicon band so you can comfortably wear it when you jog or play tennis.

Don’t be afraid to add some cute colors to your watch collection this spring!