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Minimalist Watch Styles for Modern Sophistication

The popularity of minimalist fashion tells us that an article of clothing or accessory does not need to be ornate or flashy to be stylish. Minimalist fashion emphasizes nominal decoration and patterning, sparing use of color, and simple design. While that may, at first, sound boring, minimalist styles are often quite striking in their austerity. Take a look at some of our favorites.

w1The Longines La Grande Classique 18kt White Gold Mens Luxury Swiss Watch is a departure from the typical, ornate fashion of Longine Watches. The simplicity of this elegant watch lies in the thin lines of the hands and face. The crocodile leather strap adds a bit of flare to this otherwise minimalist timepiece.



w2This Rado Ceramica XL Jubilee Black Ceramic Men’s Dress Watch brings an ultra modern edge to minimalism with its blocky design. The face of the watch itself is tiny, almost an afterthought to the dominant black wrist strap. The black diamond face adds an element of sophistication, making this watch suitable for both casual and business attire.



w3The Frederique Constant Slim Line Automatic 18kt Rose Gold Mens Luxury Strap Watch, similar to the Longines La Grande, presents with a classic look that has been updated with a minimalist style. The thin and simple hand indicators and hour markers modernize this elegant piece.




And, for the ladies, this Tiffany and Co. Tesoro Stainless Steel Women’s Watch is a major simplification of typical, ornate women’s watches. No bling or jewels here, the simple but stylish wristband frames the trimmed down face and hand indicators, creating a chic look for women. This timepiece looks great as an accessory to business or semi-formal attire.


Though simple in design, minimalist watch styles exude elegance and sophistication. These timepieces match well with many types of attire and are popular for both men and women. Find your minimalist watch style today!

Taking Care of Your Watch


When you buy a watch, you are beginning a relationship with a brand new addition to your collection of valuables. Not simply a timepiece, a watch is defines your unique style and becomes an extension of you that can last over an entire lifespan. This is why it is important to take care of your watch and maintain it well over the years.

One thing you must know about keeping your watch in good shape is that you have to clean it often. Give it a good wipe down every night to prevent rust build up from sweat and dirt that has accumulated during an entire day of wear. Aside from a daily cleaning, be sure to give your watch a full yearly cleaning at a jewelry store to get all the spots you would miss from a cleaning that you’ve done on your own. A professional jeweler will have the ability to take out smaller, harder to reach pieces of the watch that we wouldn’t advise you to take out on your own.

If you own a mechanical watch, another thing you can do to maintain your watch is to wind it daily. This is done to ensure that your watch is running smoothly. Turn the crown back and forth a few times until you feel a tightness or resistance. When your watch is fully wound, it will have a power reserve of 38 to 48 hours.

One thing to note about your watch is that it doesn’t do well in tropical, icy, or damp weather. When faced with these conditions, you may see condensation build up in the watch. One tip to remove this is to open the watch and lightly use a hairdryer to dry the works and the case. While the watch is open, you may even notice some dirt or debris inside. To clean this up, you can take an air can and quickly pump it over the watch.

With a stunning piece like a Longines watch or Raymond Weil Tango, you’ll want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment. Like all things in life, a watch is only as good as the care you put into it, so make your time piece look and feel as special as it was the day you bought it. You’ll be thanking yourself years later.

Keeping Track of Celebrity Timepieces

Celebrities are trendsetters and, love it or hate it, most of us find ourselves turning to the stars for guidance on what to wear now. When it comes to designer watches, celebrities certainly set the dial for what is in and what is out. Watches and Beyond gives you the rundown of which stars have been wearing our top brands.


This French brand has been a leader in the watchmaking world since the late 19th century and has continued to set the standard for simple but elegant luxury watches. The brand is a favorite among celebrities and has been spotted on Hollywood headliners such as Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Aniston.



With a devotion to precision and class, this Swiss watchmaking brand is an official supplier to world aviation and popular among celebrities worldwide. Breitling has been spotted on numerous celebrities, including style aficionados such as Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and brand ambassador David Beckham.

Charlize-Theron-Christian-Dior-Diamond-celebrity-WatchesChristian Dior.

This French brand launched soon after the second World War with its luxurious “New Look” and soon became a leading designer of fine fragrances, clothing, jewelry, and–of course–timepieces. The brand receives mention in countless hit songs, such as Kanye West’s early single, “Stronger,” and is frequently sported by celebrity trendsetters including Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence, and brand ambassador Charlize Theron.



This Swiss watchmaking brand boasts a long tradition of elegant and functional watchmaking, especially popular among international sports players and federations. Longines has been a popular brand amongst the stars for decades, endorsed by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. A brand ambassador since 2010, Titanic star Kate Winslet is rarely seen without a Longines watch on her wrist.

Find all of these brands and more at unbeatable prices by browsing the selection at Watches and Beyond.



The Meaning of a Gold Watch

Did you know that the color gold is associated with success, achievement and triumph? It sounds pretty accurate considering the feeling you may get from wearing a gold watch. There’s a luxurious feeling about it that gives an air of sophistication.

In some circles, people believe that wearing gold in itself brings about increased power, good health and success, but we know that it’s really how you feel that brings about these “superpowers.” Imagine how fashion has the ability to change us in that way. Just wearing something unique and beautiful can transform our mental image of how we feel about ourselves.

Watches and Beyond sells plenty of gold watches in a ton of different price ranges, but here are some that especially bring about that feeling of power.


This Longines watch features a gold tone dial with gold tone hand indicators and black index hour markers with a surrounding set of diamonds. Not only does it give a sense of success, it also has a feel of elegance.


This masculine Ulysse Nardin features a black dial that stands out perfectly against the gold. This is a bold watch.


Finally, this Cartier Ballon Bleu is a blend of masculinity and femininity, bold and soft. The black roman numerals give it a very business-like feel.

Top Picks August 2014

We hope everyone has been having a great summer so far! We have been busy at work providing some of the best discount luxury watches you can find on the internet. We carry some of the highest ranked and prestigious makers of time pieces, such as Longines, Raymon Weil, and Geneve. Being able to provide those looking to invest in a luxury watch with the lowest priciest around has been very fulfilling, and we are looking forward to continuing for many seasons to come.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite watches from August 2014:

longines watches

The Longines Heritage Automatic Chronograph Stainless Steel Mens Watch is a stunner. Featuring a beautiful brown leather strap and intricate design, it can be purchased for 43% off of it’s going price at just $2,695.

discount luxury watches

Our second choice of the month comes from Hamilton. Featuring a beautiful globe background on the head, the Hamilton Aquariva Brown World Map Dial Stainless Steel Men’s watch is quite the piece.  Right now you can grab it for &876.00 less than it’s retail price at just $619. For a renowned luxury watch, that’s quite the deal.

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Wearing White for Summer

Summer is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier! Summer offers a time for people to get outside, do some adventuring, and- our favorite part, go to the beach!

discount luxury watches

Summertime also offers us the chance to pull all of our white clothing out of the closet and take full advantage of it for the season. This tradition has been around since the 1800s. Initially, white was only worn by the wealthy and was worn just for that purpose. The wealthy wore the color white while vacationing in order to display their economic status to others. These days, the limitations of wearing white are non-existent, as many like to wear white in the summer, but have some time restraints. Wearing white after Labor Day is a no go. Wearing white can also be seen as a practical choice in the warmer months at light colors don’t absorb heat as much as darker colors.

This summer take advantage of Watches and Beyond’s large selection of discount luxury watches and find that perfect white watch for you to sport at the beach, at your family gathering, or just about anywhere! We have a large selection of beautiful timepieces from some of the top makers in the world! You can shop our entire selection online at http://www.watchesandbeyond.com. Brands such as Raymond Weil and Longines can be found at prices that simply cannot be beat. Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to pick out that perfect white luxury watch to complete your ensemble!