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Brand Spotlight: Alpina Watches

Born in Switzerland in 1883, the Alpina Watches brand boasts elegance and quality. Every Alpina watch is designed, hand-assembled, and rigorously tested for quality assurance from their headquarters in the snowy mountains of Geneva. With styles available for both men and women, these sophisticated timepieces are a worthwhile addition to any wardrobe.  Here are three of our top picks.

Alpina Comtesse Sport Automatic Stainless Steel Women’s Strap Watch

The simplicity of this watch gives it a sleek and attractive impression and can be matched with both casual and more formal attire. The stainless steel face and genuine leather strap make this piece from Alpina a durable watch for active women.


Alpina 130 Heritage Pilot Chronograph Automatic Men’s Strap Watch

At first glance, this timepiece presents with a vintage look. Yet, the classic brown leather strap and polished stainless steel case are juxtaposed by the sharp and modern blue hand indicators, giving this watch a truly unique look. The watch can be worn casually or in a business setting.




Alpina Alpiner Automatic Two Tone Men’s Watch

The two tone brushed and polished gold tone and stainless steel case and bracelet exude class from this sophisticated timepiece. For some, gold watches are too bold a look. The Alpina Alpiner softens and illuminates the gold tones in the watch with the stainless steel that surrounds it. Perfect for formal and business occasions, this versatile piece can be matched elegantly with a variety of fabrics.



Inherent in the design of any Alpina watch is a sense of rustic adventure. This subtle but standard characteristic sets Alpina apart from other sports watch brands. The manufacture and design of these watches hold true to the long-standing tradition of high-caliber, hand-crafted Swiss watchmaking. To find the Alpina brand watch that suits you, browse the selection at Watches and Beyond.

Watch Out – Steep Discounts!

New stuff is always exciting. Shopping for new clothing, furniture, electronics.. it’s inherently exciting in the novelty it brings. But the excitement of a good buy? Unbeatable.

There’s nothing better than the feeling that you got waaaaay more than you paid for. And it’s a feeling that doesn’t come our way often in a world where basics like bottled water come at a costly 2 bucks.

Watches & Beyond doesn’t play by those rules. All year round, our watches go at steeply discounted prices. Say no to retail and check out some of the amazing deals available. You don’t have to wait until Black Friday to get a steal!

Here’s our selection of women’s watches at deeply discounted prices:

Movado Eliro Stainless Steel Womens Watch
Movado Eliro Stainless Steel Watch | $1,895.00 $795.00
Baume & Mercier Hampton Watch
Baume & Mercier Hampton Watch | $4,990.00 $1,899.00
Tiffany & Co. Tesoro Stainless Steel Womens Watch
Tiffany & Co. Tesoro Womens Watch | $5,020.00 $1,995.00
Frederique Constant Slim Line  Womens Watch
Frederique Constant Womens Watch | $2,395.00 $799.00

And a selection of amazing deals for men:

Edox Grand Ocean Mens Luxury Sport Watch | $3,275.00 $739.00
Clous de Paris Chrono Automatic Steel Mens Watch
Clous de Paris Chrono Mens Watch $1,750.00 | $549.00
Kriegs Marine Uhren Manual Wind Black PVD Mens Watch
Kriegs Marine Uhren Manual Wind Black PVD Mens Watch | $1,825.00 $625.00
Rado Ceramica XL Jubile Black Ceramic Mens Dress Watch Black Diamond Dial Calendar
Rado Ceramica XL Jubile Black Ceramic Mens Dress Watch Black Diamond Dial Calendar | $24,250.00 $8,995.00

What Time is it?

“What time is it, you ask? Hold on, let me check my watch… Ummmmm…” Things can get really awkward when it takes you a full sixty seconds to give someone the time of day because you can’t figure out which hour the big hand on your watch is pointing to.

Thought you were the only one, huh? Nope, lots of people take a bit of time to read the time, especially when their watches are those super sleek, clean-cut watches that have about half a roman numeral to indicate all 12 of the digits we use to measure time.

Some people are more talented than others when it comes to the art of telling time and can afford to choose the stylish numberless sort of watch-face. Lucky dogs. Some people need the basic compass of numbers – 3, 6, 9, and 12 and they’re good to go. And some of us direly need our watches to spell out every single number 1-12 in order to show any level of competency at that heart-wrenching, panic-inducing moment when a stranger oh-so-innocently asks for the time.

Luckily, whichever category you fall into, WatchesandBeyond covers all the bases with an extensive assortment of all watch-types.

If you need all 12 digits on that watch face, this beautiful Chopard Happy Diamonds Watch with an 18k gold watch face is on-point.

Chopard Happy Diamonds 18k Gold & Diamond watch

If you’re a fan of roman numerals, this elegant gold-plated steel watch from Frederique Constant is perfect for you:

Frederique Constant Slim Line Mini Gold Plated Steel Womens Watch


If you think you’ve got the skill, this Sintra Jubile Ceramos & Blue Sapphire watch from Rado has got 4 diamonds embedded in the face for a beautiful effect.

Rado Sintra Jubile Ceramos & Blue Sapphire Womens Luxury Watch


The Tiffany & Co. Tesoro watch is stunningly simple in its elegance. The large 12 and 6 help indicate where the hour hand is pointing. This watch may present a bit of difficulty to the “time-tellingly” challenged.

Tiffany & Co. Tesoro Stainless Steel Womens Watch

Last, we love this beautiful Valentino piece. The black leather strap combined with the black face and black diamonds make quite the sharp impression. Buyer beware though, make sure you can still tell time, because there are no number indicators on this face!

alentino Rose Black PVD Steel Womens Strap Watch

Great Watches for Under $250

luxury watchesBuying a luxury watch is like buying any other product.: You are only going to get out of it what you put into it. If you buy a $50 watch, you are going to get a watch that will not satisfy most consumers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find worth in less expensive models. There are some watches that deliver an extraordinary value. Let’s examine two watches under $250 but will not disappoint. Remember, we have a whole section of approved watches for under $250.

The Technomarine Cruise Beach Chronograph combines a lot of functionality in a small, colorful package. It comes in a number of bold color combinations, all of which include a date indicator between 4 and 5 o’clock, a seconds subdial and a 24-hour display at the 3 o’clock position. It is the perfect addition to a bright bathing suit or sundress. Being completely waterproof makes it a beach-friendly accessory.

For something with a hip and fresh look, select a watch from ToyWatch. ToyWatch creates fun and fashionable watches designed to be both trendy and affordable. Many hover around the $100 mark! ToyWatch is perfect for the fashion-forward looking to go bold!

Luxury Watch Theft

goldrubwwaMany people do not realize that a luxury watch is often the target of criminals. The fact that watches are hard to trace and worth a lot of money makes them a prime choice for thieves. Recently in Arlington, VA, a string of thefts have targeted watch stores. In one incident thieves made off with over $600,000 in Rolex watches. In a separate incident, the same gang of criminals nabbed over $128,000 in watches. What can you do to protect your watch?

Taking insurance out on your watch is a good start. Then, should anything happen, you know your watch can be replaced. If possible, engrave your watch. If the criminal who stole your watch is caught committing another crime–thieves tend to be serial criminals–then it will be easier for police to match you to your watch. If you are going to an elegant outing and are donning a luxury watch, consider keeping it in your pocket on the way to and from the destination. Wearing a diamond encrusted, gold watch could inspire an unsavory character to attempt an opportunistic robbery.

A fine watch is a prized and expensive accessory. Taking a few simple steps can ensure no one ever divorces you from your favorite timepiece.

Engagement Watches

engagmawaEveryone has heard of the engagement ring, but what about the engagement watch? The trend is increasing in popularity, especially among couples who find the traditional engagement ring to be a bit dated. A luxury watch has a certain poeticism to it. It symbolizes the future time you will be spending together and, like an engagement ring, is something you can wear every day. Some people are sticking with engagement rings but swapping watches at the alter! Why the switch?

As we mentioned, some people are just breaking with tradition to go their own way. If you don’t like wearing rings or simply don’t enjoy jewelry, a watch can be something of equal worth and beauty. A watch also has a functional aspect, something many pragmatic couples enjoy. Stylistically speaking, the world of watches is also more varied than the world of wedding and engagement rings. The choices are near endless. But keep in mind you do not have to choose a traditional ring either.

Only time will tell if this trend is a passing fad or a real change in the marriage landscape. Many people have already exchanged vows using a luxury watch as the token of their love. This ensures the trend will at least be on the radar for some time to come.

Diver Watches for Summer Fun

longdivSpring is just around the corner, so your first trip to the beach is not far off. Many people wonder if their watch is suitable for a day of surf and sand. You will need to check your watch’s instructions to see just how resilient to water your timepiece is. Typically, a more ornate watch does not belong at the beach. Diver watches, however, are designed to be the epitome of style while also being ideal for exposure to the elements. Many luxury watch brands create diver-style watches.

The men’s Longines Legend Diver Automatic 18k Rose Gold watch is ideal for boating, swimming and other activities on the water. What makes this watch stand out is its elegance. It is rugged, but it doesn’t look the part. You could wear this watch to go sailing and not have to change if you decide to grab a bite at the yacht club. It is waterproof and can withstand up to 1,000 feet of submersion. This is a terrific Longines watch for the aquatically inclined.

Cartier’s Pasha Seatimer collection and Ulysse Nardin Diver Chrono collection are two more wonderful examples of diver-style watches. They come in a host of fashions and colors. The one thing they have in common? They love the water as much as you do!

Back to School Watches

gold watchesNow that back to school season is here many parents are prepping their kids for the academic year ahead. This is a particularly rigorous challenge if you are sending your child off to college. On top of the added shopping and logistical issues you may be experiencing a bit of separation anxiety. All you can do is send them off to school and hope they can manage on their own. In this situation a parting gift is also appropriate, but what to get? A luxury watch makes a great gift for a student going off to college.

Considering that they will be wanting to make a good impression at school you should opt for something simple, elegant, versatile and tasteful. Chances are good that this is the first luxury watch they will own and they will be wearing it a lot, to job interviews and meetings with professors. Get something that can easily be matched to many outfits. A plain silver or gold watch is sure to play well.

You can also go a different route and get something a bit more glitzy and celebratory. Although a diamond watch is not necessarily the most practical it certainly is fun way to celebrate graduating high school.

Moon Phase Watches

luxury watch A moon phase indicator is not usually the first feature someone thinks about when they are purchasing a watch. Unlike more common features like date displays the moon phase indicators is more a niche item. Still watch enthusiasts, boaters and stargazers are only some of the people who seek out timepieces with this unique feature.

The Maurice Lacroix Phase de Lune Mens Watch is great example of a watch with a moon phase indicator because it also has a celestial theme. The moon phase indicator is built into the date indicator in a very unique way making use of a crescent shape. Unlike most watches the date indicator is part of the dial system while the month and day are viewed through a small window. This watch costs over $10,000 (the variants with steel as opposed to gold are much more affordable at around $4,000 – $7,000) but it is one the finest timepieces in the world, hands down. If you are looking for a luxury watch with a moon indicator go with this Maurice Lacroix.

Another fine watch with a moon phase indicator by Maurice Lacroix is the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Mens Watch. This elegant accessory has a similar design to the Phase de Lune but is a bit more stripped down and subdued.

Bay Watches

Swiss army watchWith summer officially here, many people are wondering about how their watch will fare on the beach. Most quality watches are water resistant, though you should check your watch’s packaging or the manufacture’s website to be sure. Also water resistant doesn’t mean the watch won’t be damaged by a day of salt, sand and surf. If you plan on spending a lot of time on the shore this summer you may want to invest in a luxury watch designed for seaside fun.

The Bulova Marine Star Stainless Steel & Rose Gold Tone Mens Strap Watch is just such a timepiece. It is water resistant up to 330 feet and is sturdy enough for sailing, surfing and other beach activities. It is also elegant and gorgeous; you can wear it to the beach and not have to change out of it when heading to the clubhouse or for a night on the town.

Swiss Army watches are also rugged and the Dive Master series is a fine choice for the aquatically inclined watch fan. It functions at over 1600 ft. submerged and the stainless steel means you won’t have to deal with ugly rust stains. Although rugged, this watch could easily be worn to a high end restaurant or club and no one would be the wiser.