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Mother’s Day Gifts

You haven’t forgotten, have you? Oh no.

Not to worry. If Mother’s Day just hasn’t appeared on your radar yet, these great gift ideas will take off all that last-minute stress!

1) The classic gift would, of course, be flowers. No surprise there, yet somehow it’s still always nice to receive a bouquet of delicate roses. Your mom will appreciate these, no matter what.


2) A book from her favorite author. You know she likes it. You know she’ll use it. So go for it!


3) A new phone. Well, this one depends on how old your mom is. If she’s somewhat tech savvy and likes to keep up to date with technology, a new phone will be a winner!


4) Makeup. A new Chanel lipstick or shimmery eyeshadow compact will be a great present that any makeup addict would appreciate.


5) A designer watch. You know she’ll absolutely, no-question, love, love, love a gorgeous new watch. And she’ll think of you everyday when she wears it! A watch is such a great investment and a really wonderful gift. Get a great deal on any watch at Watches & Beyond.

Longines Women's Watch

6) Last of all, if you’re really short on cash and even flowers sounds like a no-can-do, why not opt for making her breakfast in bed? Who doesn’t love being pampered anyway? Happy Mothers’ Day :-)


Mother’s Day Watches

luxury watchesWith Mother’s Day less than three weeks away, the time to find a gift is now. Moms are often notoriously hard to shop for, but no matter what you get your mom she will like it because it is from you. If you get your mom something she genuinely appreciates and she knows it came from you, that should keep her smiling for a long time coming. Luxury watches make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day. You still have time to buy, but you need to act fast if you want your watch to arrive before Sunday, May 12.

When shopping for mom, you should keep in mind the kind of jewelry she wears. For example, if she has a set of diamond earrings she wears for special occasions, try to find a matching diamond watch. Next time you visit mom, try to sneak a peek into her jewelry box. You can also take a slightly broader approach. Focus on one characteristic your mom likes, for example a favorite color, gemstone, material or style. Browse watches that match one or some of these characteristics and make your choice.

If you’re still not sure, you may need to consult another relative or friend of your mother. Make sure they can keep a secret!