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Philip Stein Watches for Women: Part 1

Philip Stien WatchesPhilip Stein watches for women are a wonderful summer accessory. The watches themselves are sleek and elegant, and the bands come in a number of fun, bright colors. There are three main women’s styles: the Harmony, the Modern and the Signature. This week will examine the Harmony and the Modern. Next week we will learn a bit more about the Signature.

The Harmony is easy to spot because of its oval face and two-dial design. You can get a Harmony for under $500, but the watches with diamond bezels around the edge will cost more in the neighborhood of $1,100. The Harmony tends to be fairly dainty and is a good complement to other jewelry. It is one of the most popular Philip Stein watches.

The Modern features the same two-dial design but on a rounded face. Some are more minimalistic and have no numbers and few details on the face, while others have diamonds, mother-of-pearl and elegant Roman numerals. There is also a large variety of strap colors and materials. The price scheme is more or less in tune with that of the Harmony, with diamond watches fetching around $1,000 and non-diamond watches going for about $500.

Check back with us next week to learn about the Signature!

Philip Stein Watches

concord watchesWhen it comes to designers of luxury watches, Philip Stein is one of the new kids on the block. The Philip Stein Company was founded in 2002, making it just over 10 years old. Although it has only been around for a short time, Philip Stein watches are a favorite among collectors and the fashionable set. Their distinct dual time zone design makes them stand out among even the most distinguished brands.

For women, consider a piece from the Philip Stein Harmony collection. These watches features a stainless steel face surrounded by diamonds. The dual time zone face features a pearl inlay which looks wonderful with the shine of the diamonds and metal. There are a wide variety of strap color options, from pink and turquoise to more muted blacks and browns.

For men, consider a piece from the Modern collection. These watches feature a large, stainless steel face with two time zone indicators. They are very much in the distinct Philip Stein style but the face is more masculine. Some feature a planer face while other have embellishments or bejeweling. The more ornate watches tend to cost a bit more — Philip Stein watches can cost anywhere from$600 to several thousand dollars.

Philip Stein Watches for Women

Philip Stein WatchesPhilip Stein offers many fine watches for women. They offer a large price range and many are available in fall colors, so no matter how much you are willing to spend, the time to act is now. Philip Stein watches are unique in their design and many feature dual zone time displays.

The Philip Stein Signature collection has a lot of great watches for fall. Almost all of  the Philip Stein watches in the signature collection have watch bands in fall colors. They all have similar faces that feature dual zone dials. The main difference you will see in this collection is that some watches feature 48 diamonds around the faces and cost roughly $1,000 to $1,500. The ones without the diamonds cost under $500 but are otherwise identical.

The Philip Stein Harmony collection also features a larger selection of watches. Many of these are smaller than other Philip Stein watches and are good for women with small hands and wrists. These watches range in price from about $1,300 to $400 with the more expensive selection featuring diamonds. Although the harmony series is one distinct selection it contains many different sizes, shapes and styles of watch.

The Modern collection contains more watches with round, traditional faces though they are bit more expensive.

Fun Color Combos With Philip Stein Watches

A charming watch is a great piece of a classy ensemble. Finding an elegant watch that matches an outfit you have arranged for a gala event or just an evening on the town looking good. For my money some of the most beautiful and interesting women’s watches on the market right now are Philip Stein watches.

The Harmony Teslar model photographed here is a great example. It combines two traditional watch faces into a small stainless steel case and has a striking pink band that will have everyone noticing the beautiful watch you are wearing.

Building an outfit around a watch might seem a little strange but when it is a watch this great you simply start thinking that way. Philip Stein watches have that affect on wardrobes. You settle in on a watch band color and then start coordinating dresses to suit that color scheme. It is a mission to find the best context for your favorite time piece.

Luckily Philip Stein watches come in a wide variety of colors and can be coordinated in dozens of ways. The color combinations and hot looks you can put together are virtually endless. An endless list of options waiting to be tried.

Dual Time-Zone Philip Stein Watches

International travelers and folks who do business abroad sometimes must feel like they have to be in two time-zones at once. Balancing out their work at the home office and their required business elsewhere, or vice-versa, can be a slog stretching across hours. Late night work turns into early morning work. Sleep happens on some third schedule that is mostly unknown.

For these busy people Philip Stein watches have dual time-zone watch faces. They are two whole watches in one helping you keep track of the time in Beijing, London or Dubai while keeping your head and feet firmly planted in New York or Minnesota.

The watches come in beautiful models. There is a rounded traditional watch casing which calls attention to one watch face while still offering the second  or a more narrow casing which highlights the two mechanisms beautifully.

These are classy watches for busy people who still want to look great while working hard. These time-zone hopping jet setters are the exact kind of people who Philip Stein watches are made for. Keeping track of two time zones and all the work that each entails is certainly not easy. With a good looking dual time-zone watch it is easier and at worst you can look good while you try the balancing act.

Philip Stein Watches Will Show the Man in Your Life You Care

My boyfriend is a hard worker and I appreciate everything he does. He works hard all day at work, comes home and  helps around the house and never lets me cook dinner alone. He even offers to do the dishes… what guy does that? I’m a pretty lucky gal and I wanted to really show him I care. I only just discovered the brand of Philip Stein watches and honestly, wasn’t sure how he’d feel about one but decided to scoop one up anyway as a “just because” gift.

I made the right decision because he knew exactly what it was the second he opened the box and his face lit up! I asked him if it was ok and he looked at me like I was nuts. “Ok? This is great!” he said. Talk about a huge sigh of relief! Turned out he had been in love with Philip Stein watches for a long time but never saw himself able to afford one. Well little did he know the ridiculously good price I got it for. So now he has the timepiece he always wanted and I have one happy boyfriend!


Luxury Watches as a Wedding Gift

Every couple has a registry, usually, for their wedding. It includes all the items they’ll need for a new home, to share when they live together in matrimonial bliss. But some couples don’t always do the registry thing, because maybe they have all these items already from their own separate lives. Maybe they don’t want to follow typical wedding tradition. Or maybe you don’t want to give them a predictable gift. That’s why luxury watches are a great gift idea.

Most brands carry both men and women’s lines and often have matching styles. Think of how sweet it’d be for the couple to open their gifts and find that they have matching Philip Stein watches. A great idea to make it even more personal is to get the underside of the case engraved with their initials and date of the wedding.  It’s like matching wedding bands but for the new generation who likes a good timepiece to show off.

So be a little different this wedding season. Look into luxury watches as the gifts you give to the couple. It’ll stand out among the microwaves and kitchenette sets as something that they can use and wear all the time!

Discounts On Luxury Watches Are Nothing To Sneeze At

In leaner times we are all looking to save a little money here and there. Hitting up the fast food dollar menu or trying out the generic paper plates are good moves. But higher end items, we tend to not appreciate a good deal. Perhaps  the extended payment plans attached to most items you buy with multiple K’s in the price, lightens the load. Either way, you can’t ignore a sale that could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Watches and Beyond currently has a lot of great deals that could save you enough money to buy a car or get a pool. The deals are on luxury watches, one of my favorite budgetary indulgences. Since you made your way to this blog, I’m assuming the same goes for most of you.

The Watches and Beyond website has a couple of pages in their “Special Offer” Section. It’s striking just to glance over the discounts $50k turning into $38k, $43k becoming $38. These are exciting numbers, especially for Philip Stein watches and Gucci watches. It’s striking and also pretty hard to resist.

A watch always feels like it’s an investment to me. I just get so much joy out of their beautiful visages. If you’re like me, you should scan those pages right now!

Dad’s New Gucci Watch

gucci watchesHonestly, I never thought I’d be telling people about how enamored my father was by Gucci watches. Generally he’s what you might call a “tough guy.” He’s John Q. Lunchpale. He’s gruff and he doesn’t generally find joy in the finer things in life. I’ve never seen him drink a glass of wine or watch a French movie. He moans every time he’s asked to where a tie. But there he was soaking in the moment Mom handed him that beautifully wrapped birthday gift.

It just goes to show you that something as well crafted as luxury watches can impress anyone. I think that’s why they make such amazing gifts. Just like with a girlfriend or Mom, you can never go wrong with some jewelery. When it comes to a man, a watch will always be special.

I’ve discussed this with my friends and dads are infamously harder to shop for. I think the pressure of just being patriarchal might just weigh on them so much that they stop really wanting things.  So when you’ve run out of gift options, when you know that he’ll never really watch that Lost Series Box Set and he has a closet full of ties, it’s time to consider a watch. There are lots of great options. If I was buying a watch for myself, it might be Philip Stein watches (ahem wife hint).

How To Give Your Valentine’s Day Present

luxury watchesLast week, we showed you a couple of the fine watches you could give your sweetie for Valentine’s Day. This week, we have a few ideas about how you can present the gift.

Presentation, in my humble opinion, is just as important as the gift itself — you want to create a story that will be remembered for years to come — so here we go!

1. Plan to take your lady out to a nice restaurant — before you go, though, tip the manager and ask him or her to have the watch brought out after dinner, along with dessert, perhaps on the neck of a bottle of champagne.

2. Get a large box of chocolates (another clichéd, but time-honored classic), and rearrange them to say “I love you,” with the luxury watch sitting in the middle.

3. The night before Valentine’s day, put the jewelry on him while he sleeps. Wake him up the next morning with breakfast in bed, and see how long it takes him to notice his new watch! You can also set it on his nightstand amidst his other things.

4. A treasure hunt! This will probably be the most fun — draw up a map and make clues to lead your boo to the watch.