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Classic Elegance

Watches have gone through many phases throughout the history of their existence. One of our most favorite types of time pieces is the classic pocket watch. The pocket watch was invented in the 16th century. In addition to being an important method of keeping the time, these became a staple in men’s fashion. These can be worn a number of different ways, always including the usage of a chain.

You can find pocket watches among the Longines Watches via the Watches and Beyond Website. Today we’d like to take a look at one particularly gorgeous classic piece, the Longines 18k Gold Mens Pocket Watch. Take a look at it in the photo below.

longines watches

Longines has been around since 1832. Founded by Auguste Agassiz, brother of the famous naturalist Louis Agassiz, the company began by producing solely pocket watches. These being their most classic item, have also proven to be their most timeless item. The pocket watch offers a certain level of elegance and sophistication that is hard to find within many other time pieces. As with all watches available online at http://www.watchesandbeyond.com, the Longines 18K Gold Mens Pocket Watch is brand new and come with the original box, warrant card and papers.

Pocket Watches

pockwaMany people associate pocket watches with a bygone age of top hats and tuxedos with tails. Their historical clout is part of what makes them such a joy. Don’t think they are strictly a relic of times passed, however. Many manufacturers offer modern pocket watches. These stylish items are ideal for dressing up and an ideal alternative for someone who doesn’t like having jewelry on his wrist.

Pocket watches are still a stylish addition to a suit, even if it’s a modern cut. The chain makes a wonderful accessory and can be strung from the front pocket of the pants, the breast of the suit jacket or the interior pocket of a dress shirt. Pulling out a pocket watch to check the time is classy. Fumbling around for your cellphone is tacky.

In many ways pocket watches are more versatile than wristwatches. There are seemingly endless ways you can incorporate a pocket watch and chain into your outfits. They are also more tactile, and they are designed to be handled. For the right person, a pocket watch is a truly magical gift.

Although not ideal for everyone, you would be foolish to discount pocket watches entirely. Browse our large selection of designer pocket watches on our website.

Pocket Watches

gold watchesTo many people pocket watches are a vestige of a bygone time. Others find them charming and feel a rush of nostalgia whenever they see one being removed from a breast pocket. If you are in the latter camp you should continue reading. Although pocket watches make up a fairly small fraction of the watch market they have a devoted following.

If you like gold watches I would suggest the Longines 18k Gold Mens Pocket Watch. This watch lets the gold speak for itself. It has a simple and streamlined design and features no numerals. The only real embellishment here is the Longines logo below twelve o’clock.  This pocket watch is great for someone who likes gold and tends to go for more straightforward design.

For something with a more vintage appeal I would go with the Longines 14k Gold Vintage Pocket Watch. This antique item dates back to the 1970s though stylistically it looks like it could be even older. Longines has been in business a long time and offers many historic watches to the collector of antiques. The combination of gold and silver in this pocket watch is impressive and seamless.

A good pocket watch is hard to come by these days but for those willing to look there are still many enjoyable options.