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Swiss Army Watches: A History

Swiss Army WatchesAlthough most people are familiar with the iconic Swiss Army watch, they do not know much about its origins. This popular international brand is shrouded in mystery. Let us take a brief look at the history of the Swiss Army company and how they became so well known for Swiss Army knives and watches.

The company that makes all Swiss Army merchandise is Victorinox. They do, in fact, make knives and tools for the Army of Switzerland but are a privately owned and operated company. They first gained popularity in the States after WWII when soldiers brought the knives home.

The knives became so popular that the company started marketing them here. Around the same time they developed watches. It was a natural move for a company that already had years designing complex items with many small moving parts. The Swiss Army watch was at first as rugged as the knife that bares its name. With time, however, they responded to trends and developed a range of fashion-friendly lines. You can still rely on the Swiss Army company to produce high-quality goods.

If you thought Swiss Army watches were all about rugged pragmatism, think again; they now create watches on par with those of high-end fashion houses.

Women’s Swiss Army Watches

“Rugged sophistication” is the phrase we used when last we discussed Swiss Army watches. It still holds true; these are durable, practical, but ultimately quite attractive timepieces. You will even be forgiven for assuming that the entire line of Swiss Army watches is a mostly male dominated field of time-keeping tools. The assumption could not be further from the truth.

Swiss Army watches apply their durability and practicality to a small line of excellent women’s watches. Each has its own charm. For example, the Ambassador has a blue dial set and beautiful polished silver features in a stainless steel case and bracelet narrower than the men’s models. The Victorinox Maverick II offers a red bezel on a white watch face, a perfect watch for casual dress in all types of climates. The Summit XLT’s rubber watch band gives it a comfy, sportier feel, perfect for jogging or just hitting the gym.

Each model of women’s Swiss Army watches offers something uniquely “Swiss Army” without sacrificing a feminine bent. These are beautiful timepieces and should be considered by any woman who values a watch with a guarantee for longevity, along with high style. Browse our wide selection and take advantage of superb discounts.

Rugged Sophistication from Swiss Army Watches

Swiss Army watchesSwiss Army watches were born from the same ruggedness that spawned the famed Swiss Army Knife. In fact, Victorinox, the company behind Swiss Army watches, is the sole manufacturer of  multipurpose knives for use by the Swiss military. The level of precision engineering and care they bring to the knife and tool making process they also bring to the watch making process, along with a hefty dose of Swiss design.

Take the Swiss Army Officer, for example. The band is made from an ultra-light weight and durable rubber strap. It is designed not only to be comfortable but to never rip or tear. The watch features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal making it both reliable and durable in the long run. On top of impressive technical features the watch looks great and is very practical. It has a 3 day date aperture at 6 o’clock, Arabic numerals and military time, and glow in the dark hands. The simple black and silver color scheme keeps it both readable and elegant. This is truly a watch you can wear skiing down the Swiss Alps or shaking hands during a board meeting.

This is only one offering, browse our other Swiss Army watches and find the one perfect for you.

Watches for Fall and Winter

Longines watchesAs the temperature starts to drop and the days being to shorten our fashion choices also change. Now is the time to start packing away the brighter garb and accessories of summer for more muted, darker tones. Anyone who kept their eye on New York’s fashion week certainly saw this trend in full swing. Thankfully, there are many watches that go well with the darker color palates of the season.

Take the Swiss Army Ambassador Automatic Military Time Stainless Steel Womens Watch Date. It’s polished steel band and dark blue face are the perfect accessory for a winter day. The display is extremely easy to read and uses simple and compelling design. This watch is great for business women and its assertive style lets the world know you are in charge. If looking for a darker colored time piece Swiss Army watches is a good place to start.

For men, Longines watches Evidenza collection has lots of great watches for fall and winter. The Longines Evidenza Automatic 18k Gold is a great fall watch that balance hues of gold and brown. For winter the blue and gold of the Longines Evidenza Automatic 18k Gold Special Edition Mens Luxury Watch Calendar is sure to look great.

Swiss Army Watches on Sale

Swiss Army watchesAlthough the Swiss Army brand is better known for their gizmo packed pocket knives, they also make exquisite watches. Built with the same practicality and ingenuity you see in the knives, Swiss Army watches are both rugged and sophisticated. Right now they are on sale, some at over 50% off the original price, so you should really check them out today.

Take the Swiss Army Air Boss Mach VI Automatic Chronograph Steel Men’s Strap Watch, which is selling at $695 reduced from $1,455. Like a Swiss Army knife it has lots of features. It has 3 black sub-dials on the elegant red face and that is not including the date indicator. Even though it displays lots of info it is still easy to read. It doesn’t sacrifice toughness for beauty, however. It is scratch resistant and can be submerged 330ft. Swiss Army watches can take a bit of wear!

Another Swiss Army watch worth checking out is the Swiss Army Victorinox Maverick II Chrono. This watch has a stainless steel face with a colorful uni-direction bezel. Like the Mach VI it has 3 sub-dials though in this case they are cast in elegant steel. This watch has a more urban design and uses more shining steel. It is being sold at $315 from $450.