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Want to Start a Watch Collection?


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Watch collecting has long been regarded as a hobby for the rich and famous-exclusively. Many of us believe that due to the high price point of collector-worthy watches, this pastime is one we’ll have to enjoy from afar. But we’re here to tell you that this is NOT the case. Anyone can gain the illustrious title of a true watch connoisseur. By purchasing the right timepieces to suit your taste and budget, you can slowly begin to amass a collection of truly memorable watches that serve as both a pleasurable hobby and investment!

Again, the key to curating your collection is to choose your timepieces wisely. Do plenty of research before purchasing ANY watch- the includes vintage timepieces from online marketplaces, as well as new timepieces straight from the manufacturer. The three most important criteria are: does it suit my taste? Does it fit my budgetary limitations? Will this watch still excite me 10 years from now?

Some say that unless your spending upwards of $5,000, your watch will not be investment-grade. This is not strictly true: if you do your research, you’ll find that many timepieces, such as this Longines Chronograph, are way below that price point and still qualify as investment grade! By looking into each timepiece individually, you’ll begin to discover that many of these pieces can fit the bill of what you’re looking for.  Doing all this homework before purchasing should be easy for you- after all, only true horologists would put in the effort to curate the perfect collection!

Let’s say you’d like to start out small, with about a $500 price range. Try a Raymond Weil Tradition, a classy piece that will never go out of style. If you’re looking for something bolder, how about the Philip Stein Harmony? While these pieces are modestly priced, they’re a great springboard for what’s to come. Another great option to look into are vintage watches. They’re unique, nostalgic, and a great talking point. You can browse discount luxury watches and vintage timepieces here.

Remember, curating your watch collection should be a challenging-but enjoyable-experience. Find the timepieces you just can’t let slip away, and begin amassing a collection that will bring a sense of pride and accomplishment to you with every glance at your wrist.