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ToyWatch: A Go to Brand for Work and Play

If you’re looking for a watch with a pop of color or eccentricity, while still luxurious and elegant, look no further than ToyWatch. The brand holds true to its Italian watchmaking heritage while incorporating playful, sometimes bizarre themes that truly make a statement. Each ToyWatch encourages its wearer to stay classy, but not to take him or herself too seriously. Here are some of our favorites for men and women from ToyWatch.

The ToyCU10BKWatch Cuff Black Stainless Steel Men’s Bangle watch is a sleek and sophisticated timepiece built from durable material. The blue numbers and hand indicators add a pop of color to the otherwise all black watch. The bangle band sports circular cutouts, which provide a unique look.This versatile timepiece can be worn for sport, business, and casually.



PE03PSFor an elegant, effeminate timepiece, look no further than the ToyWatch Sartorial Pink Velvet Touch Women’s watch. The band and face are a bright and bold shade of pink that might otherwise be deemed tacky. Yet, the elegance of the design of the watch and its velvet touch finish makes the overall presentation luxurious and sophisticated. For pink lovers of all ages, this timepiece is a must have. Also available in purple and black.

JY17MTThe ToyWatch Jelly Watch Teal Blue Plasteramic Men’s watch incorporates a bold, nautical theme with its large, compass-like face and teal blue band and face color. The silicone “jelly” wristband is especially comfortable for the wearer. Perfect for sports and casual attire, this timepiece is sure to make a statement among friends and teammates.



S04WHPGThe ToyWatch Skull Plastic & Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Unisex watch embodies the best of ToyWatch’s eccentric style. With a gold hued, bedazzled skull and crossbones dominating the face, the watch combines loud with luxury. The elegant white band and rose gold tone bezel give this timepiece the versatility to be worn both casually and with more formal attire.


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Blue is for Beach

Memorial Day weekend is here, which means the kick off of beach season.  Now is the time to sit back under the sun and relish in the glory of the summer months. While it’s important to keep your watch away from water and sand, blue tones can carry the feel of the beach from wherever you are.

When it comes to a blue watch for the summer, it’s important to keep it as light and airy as possible. Here are some options that we love.


This color blue is great to wear against a bright yellow bathing suit. Just watch out and be sure you don’t get sand or water in your watch.  Watch care is highly important at the beach. Always keep your watch tucked away in a safe place.


This watch would be great with a flowing white dress. We’re imagining something you can dance and swirl around in.


This watch is a bit bulkier and better suited for a shorts and t-shirt style. Perfect for nights spent walking around, enjoying the breeze.


Luxury Watches: 3 Tips For All

Purchasing and owning a singular or collection of luxury watches can be quite a big deal. Luxury timepieces can cost a pretty penny and will last a lifetime. Not only do they serve as a style staple and functional piece, but often times become family heirlooms and special gifts.


waymond weil watches

Below, 4 tips for anyone and everyone who owns or is interest in owning a luxury watch.

1. Set a budget for yourself. It’s easy to get lost in the marvel of luxury watches. Before you begin searching for your first, or next piece, ensure you have a top line set in stone.

2. Pick a style, and give it a test run. A beautiful timepiece, even when saving big on discount luxury watches via our online store, can costs thousands of dollars. Before you dive in, purchase a comparable style with a smaller price tag. Wear it for a couple weeks and see if this style is one you`ll want for the long haul. This will allow you to take your time when making this big purchase decision.

3.Bored? Switch up the strap! Many people may find themselves bored with their current luxury watch. If you’re not quite ready to purchase a new timepiece, why not try switching up the strap on your current timepiece? This will change the look and feel a great deal.

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Brand Spotlight: Edox

gold watches Watches and Beyond offers a variety of gold watches and other types of time pieces, produced by brands from all over the globe. Today we’d like to take a look at a company that’s been making watches for quite some time.

Edox was founded in 1882 by Christian Ruefi-Flury and his wife Pauline in Switzerland. The first shops were established in Biel-Bienne in 1884. By 1900, the hourglass logo that is officially used had come to be. Through the 1900s the brand began to grow a tremendous amount. in 1955 the first large production facility was created, and 500 watchmakers began work. A groundbreaking year for the company was in 1970, when the first Geo-scope watch was created. This was able to tell the time throughout the entire world. This was the first of it’s kind, and influenced many others to make the same type of piece.

In 2008, Edox became the official timekeeper of the Class-1 Worl Powerboat Championship. Their brand image has maintained a more extreme edge these days and their products are tailored towards those who live on the edge.

Watches and Beyond offers a few different pieces by Edox. A favorite is the Grand Ocean Chronodiver Big Date Chronograph Blue Mens Luxury Sport watch. This bold piece with a steel strap is sure to make a statement. Shop this watch as well as many others at http://www.watchesandbeyond.com.

Men’s Valentine’s Day Watches

gold watches With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is time to start looking for the perfect gift. When it comes to gift ideas for men, a couple of watches that are designed for a variety of occasions may be the perfect solution.

Formal Watches

A formal watch is a great choices for men who work in a business setting or who often travel for their job. Longine watches are a good choice due to the simple and elegant designs. The face of the watch is large enough to read easily while the classic features are attractive.

Gold watches are always appropriate for formal settings and may be a great gift for men who work in a business formal setting.

Semi-Formal and Casual Watches

Men who prefer rugged and sturdy designs may find that the Raymond Weil Tango or other Raymond Weil watches are preferable. The watches have a simple and sturdy design that features steel rather than gold, making it a good choice for active men.

Finding the perfect gift for a man during Valentine’s Day can seem complicated, but a watch is always appreciated and always appropriate. Depending on the individual and his preferences, a longines watch may be a great gift idea. The key to finding the perfect watch is determining when he is most likely to wear it and then selecting an option that is appropriate for his attire.